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  1. Michael: Thanks it was Data Quick I used thanks. Tough to age. Happy Holidays
  2. Hi Everyone, Say does anyone have a good source for purchasing comps and deed information via the internet. As I recall there where a few companies offering a good product but I cant seem to locate. Looking to purchase a lake house that is 1/3 complete and the owner/ general contractor ran out of money and is getting a divorce, On another note I would like to take this time to wish everyone a happy holiday and wish everyone a great new year. Craig Warner
  3. Just stopped in to say hi see whats brewing on the site. Craig in New York
  4. I am looking to purchase tax liens via the internet. Before we make purchases I need investors to do drive by's on the properties and your opinion about what I send you to see. If your interested we can partner in the deal. If your interested send me an email via this forum and tell me the county and state you live in. Craig Warner Warner Properties Inc. 518-727-4279
  5. Hi Michael, I haven't been watching the board lately and thought I would stop in and might offer some help to your subject "trying to get qualified buyers". Back 4 years ago when I attended a Robert Allen seminar (don't anyone get sucked into this waste of money) we had a speaker from he Dayton Ohio area who uses large items to draw clients in. If the deal is right he might even use a large screen TV, washer dryers etc. as a draw for getting good quanified buyers to the table. You can get older larger screen TVs for under a $1,000 without to much trouble at REX etc. For example you need to think of the statement "some money is better than no money". In these trying times many autodealers use this same red flag to increase sales. Blah Blah Blah. Just a thought if the numbers work in a bad time. Just as an update I have been doing my own thing using your LO nakedness and small development projects wrapped in Land Trust contracts. Been using my own contracts and Trustees to put the deals together. Burnt out landlords have been good deals, hold, rent and list the property. If it selles great if not wait the market out.
  6. 1. My biggest complaint is I can't help everyone. It just can't happen. 2. There is lots of BS'ers in this industry. Beware 3. There is tons of courses which are full of little and cost a lot. Beware
  7. Has anyone used a service to establish a large line of credit for your corporation? I have a deal in the works which has been approved for a large line of corporate credit. All the service fees are being paid by a partner in the deal. I would be interested in talking to anyone experiencing this type of transaction or service?
  8. The absolute best from what I know is. Make sure they are assets of a s-corporation. Put each home into a seperate land trust with each deed held by a out of state non profit corp. with you a the benefishary then have the corporation file for chapter 11 and go under if needed. I am in the process of buying a portfolio af 1.375 m through a corporate buyout out. I have run this sim idea through 2 differant Corp/real estate lawyers for developers. About 2 weeks from pulling the trigger on this deal.
  9. I would contact Craig (the owner) or the Company he is very responsive to all concerns and a nice guy. Forgot why I emailed him and got a answer right away with a nice conversation. KIND OF LIKE A MICHAEL C. fellow.
  10. Hi MC: I haven't been around lately but was interested in this conversation coming back to light. This area was always a concern for me. My thinking always was you arent ever selling the property your assigning the option to purchase the property. How in the world is a agent going to win the Brokering Clause when the house isn't selling until later on in the contract if at all? Maybe I just aint seeing something here... Currently I have filed a lawsuit against Elmira College on the daughters behalf in New York State Supreme Court. . And its not nice, its very expensive and I am determine to win my cause against the school come hell or high water. Its amazing what I learned over the pass 6 months about Private Colleges, the law and civil rights and due process. Some schools are free to take these basic rights away from all students when attending a Private College beleive it or not. My case is to be heard on May16th so we will see I am up against some big boys with deep pockets. Will need to transact lots of homes for this.
  11. Craig

    business type

    JD: The corp shell works good to protect you and your assets. If you also create a trust for each transaction it will create a rock solid shell. Lets put it this way I have never heard of a Trust that has been penertated. The trust has been used for hundreds of years with much success. The are very easy to set up, if you need the paper work I can point you in the right direction. Also if you want to use my corporation as a trustee we can arrange that. Also its smarter to use a out of state trustee and don't name the trust the address of the property. The trust is miss understood and is harder to convince the homeowner it helps them more than having a lawyer in their family but its very true.
  12. Steve: You will do fine. You did everything smart to start. Now you can kick butt. Craig
  13. I stumbled over this website which tracks the advertised rental rates for all cities, counties, nationwide. Seems to be close to what I was comparing the rates for. If you aren't fimiliar with a given area its a good start for data. Rental comparable data site
  14. naaaaa MC is the "educator" I am just a student...although an "A" student Steve, Thanks for the information. I do use the site as a tool to educate but have slacked off on advertising do to the other tools that haven't produced as I expected.
  15. Michael, would you kindly clarify this. Do you need to register for the service for information. Do you us only the 411 # I must have had to many beers watching New England set new records tonight. GOING ALL THE WAY. Making up for all those years of getting STOMPED on.
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