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  1. Are there mortgage loans out there that can go as low as $30,000? Would these be possible for Foreign Nationals? If so, what are the qualifications? Thanks
  2. Hello all, Our company has been experiencing a sharp rise in the number of foreign investors that are purchasing our properties in the US. We are currently exploring options for foreign national financing. Does anyone have any experience in this type of lending or any knowledge that they would like to share? Thank you
  3. 248 Northland is a great property for out of state/country investors. The property includes a two car covered garage, living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. There is copper plumbing as well as new electric with a 100 amp box in the basement. The tenants pay utilities which include gas/electric. The rent of $525 is paid by Sec. 8 rental assistance so the rent will go directly to the owners bank account. There is currently a $600 deposit on the property which will be transferred over to the new buyer. For more detailed information please contact Townes. tclemons@firstladyholdings.com
  4. We have been getting a lot of overseas investors in our US properties but we have not done much marketing geared specifically to international markets. Does anyone have any suggestions for marketing to overseas buyers of US investment properties? Thanks!
  5. Great investment Opportunity in bBuffalo, NY. Homes fully rented for immediate cash flow and property management available. Starting at $15,000. For more information email me at tclemons@firstladyholdings.com. Package and assignment options available. To view properties visit, www.loopnet.com property ID #15576709, 15539660, 15539565, 15487106, 15485754. If interested or want more informations contact me at tclemons@firstladyholdings.com
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