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  1. I think if you are mailing to absentee owners it may be good to mail them every three months for the first year but after that only every 9 months will get it. Most people would opt out if you get on their nerves sending them letters so often.
  2. Here's a little update on the marketing plan that I talked about in this thread. My jv assistant, she has made 24 calls so far, I know that's not a lot but I can't blame her. Anyway, 6 people wanted to know what we were proposing, so first mistake was not to brief her in we couldn't use her to full capacity, only 1 person may be interested, which is good considering that is what I was thinking anyway. The goal is to generate 5-6 possible deals out of 70 leads, whether deals come now or a year from now. I haven't implemented the voice blast because, I want to let my assistant finish the rest of the calls before we go full speed with it, or the manual calls. Right now we are analyzing how the calls are going so we can make each more effective and to make the voice blast more effective. As soon as, she finishes the calls or has met the milestone then I will kick in the voice blast. This method is something new we want to try to see if it is really worth the effort. As said, I will keep you posted on the results as we get closer to finishing the list of sellers we are calling.
  3. I want to try to methods and compare which should be added to the marketing tool kit or scratched off the list completely. Good Ole telephone sales when people used to call sellers up on the phone and speak directly with them vs the New Voice Blasting approach. The old way is tried and proven but the voice blast system is different. I plan on compiling a list of sellers and landlords mixed up into two piles, one for telephone sales and the other one for the voice blast system. It's going to be fun to see which has a better response with the best conversion. After reading a few post, I believe the voice blast system might win over the old telephone sales approach. The telephone approach is simply going to be salesmanship through the use of a free style script, basically getting them to talk about the house and everything I want to know while I determine if they are motivated. The voice blast script will be "Hi, I am calling about the house you're selling to let you know that I am an investor looking to purchase a few houses this month tp add to our investment portfolio if you are interested give me a call at 888-219-8619. I will kick off this plan saturday any advice on changing the voice blast script up will be great.
  4. B i have tried the same thing, and owners were screening their calls through voice mail and called 2 minutes later after they heard my message. This happened on every blast i tried. Its very cheap but not effective, and I sent out at least 2,000 calls.
  5. your website kicks butt then. not many websites rank that quickly, but i do see that your site is aged quite a bit.
  6. also Jon, how long did it take you to claim your spot on google for your keyword?
  7. if calling on the phone doesn't work and most houses are listed with realtors, why don't you find homes that have been listed for over 4-6 months and drop them a letter in the mail. most would be motivated since they tried listing with an agent and had no luck. i am debating a mail out to those types of sellers. you can tailor a pretty crafty letter to the fact that their agent isn't performing, maybe they should try creative methods./ as long as you aren't a realtor then contacting them is fair game.
  8. Scott is Winston near Lincolnton? If so, i might have a deal for you. Its a foreclosure though. Also if you want to link up there might be some leads in it for you. PM me if you are interested.
  9. get a limited power of attorney from your friend so you can handle matters as if you are your friend, then contact an attorney yourself and get this thing cleared up.
  10. are you close to purchasing that home for this month? maybe you should start some type of marketing campaign for the next month if you aren't able to buy this month.
  11. it seems like the poster is looking for something similar to a bird dog but instead of finding properties, they will be the ground partner on deals that close. sort of like an independent part time contractor.
  12. GetSmart

    direct mail

    sometimes the messenger is the receiver of battle slurs. i know you mean well and i thought i had a good serevice when i saw the sales genie commercial during the superbowl. not likely. that $2200 could have gone to a tv commercial ad.
  13. getting deals now should be a piece of cake, not the whole cake but a small portion.
  14. GetSmart

    direct mail

    for your information sales genie sucks and their leads are outdated. i think they update them once every 30 days or 3 months. i received a lot of return mails and cross referencing the results showed the house had been sold. also don't sign up for the contract because you can't cancel, and i was stuck with a service list provider that sucked.
  15. if your seller isn't motivating you will begin to doubt yourself. they come up with some of the most mind bending questions. find a way to get off the phone as soon as you explain a question and still getting resistance. always be reluctant and never over zealous.
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