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  1. Is there a new book? Thanks! Lynn
  2. lhenley


    I've had better luck going straight to the FSBO sites, and contacting sellers from there. Many of the "FSBO" ads on CL are real estate agents ... atleast that's my experience. Lynn (FL)
  3. I've read somewhere that one thing you can do is tell them you'll manage it for free (or a very low amount), if they'll give you an option and first-right-of-refusal when they do get ready to sell. Naturally, get it in writing. Lynn (FL)
  4. I too would be interested in looking at any notes you have, either now or in the future. Thanks! Lynn (FL)
  5. Michael, Have you ever used a mobile Notary? What would be pros and cons of doing so? Thanks, Lynn (FL)
  6. lhenley

    Back Again!

    Sometimes, people just look, and don't post anything. Lynn (FL)
  7. As markets change, so do marketing strategies. So, what are you doing to make the phone to ring ... direct mail (brochure or postcard), emails to FSBO's and FRBO's, cold calling, bandit signs, etc? Thanks, Lynn (FL)
  8. German, Do you loan nationwide, or just in CA? Lynn (FL)
  9. lhenley

    Cold calling

    What are you saying when you call a seller? Are you basically using the same wordage as what's in MC's intro email: "I'm calling about your house for sale (or rent). Would you be interested in selling it with a lease option (or rent-to-own)?" Lynn (FL)
  10. Good points. Thanks. Lynn (FL)
  11. Are any of you using a local person to call, email, etc FSBO's and FRBO's from CraigsList and FSBO websites? I am not asking if you're using a VA from another country, but a local person. If so, are you paying $X per Prospect Sheet turned in, a set fee or percentage of the profit (if you close), or a combination, and how much do you pay? My son is unemployed, and I thought I could pay him to do this marketing for me. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions ...??? Thanks, Lynn (FL)
  12. Just remember, the available T/B's for a house in this price range may be small, so be patient. Lynn (FL)
  13. Not sure what's going on here (NW FL), but some friends of mine just got a full-price offer contract after being on the MLS for 6 days. Lynn (FL)
  14. Chaniel, Monthly market rent (due to seller) 2.500 My montly income would be +/- 4.000 Will you be receiving a total of $6,500 per month rent? If so, will the market support that? Lynn (FL)
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