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  1. Looking for leads in Athens County, particularly Athens and Nelsonville.
  2. I have a sweet deal lined up. House appraised for $140,000. I have it under contract for $99,500. One problem. The seller just renewed his listing five days before I got to him. How do we go about getting him out of it?
  3. I am currently studying business management and real estate. I need the following info for a class project. Thanks in advance for any help. As a full-time lease/purchase option investor: 1. How many deals do you average per year. 2. What is your closing ratio? (signed deals/contacts) 3. What are your average promotional costs? (monthly) 4. Is competition a major issue? 5. What is the average lease term between you and T/B?
  4. Hello bdsh, I could use a financial partner for joint ventures here in southeast Ohio. I've found plenty of rehab deals, but thus far investors are scarce. E-mail me if interested.(anyone?)
  5. I was told I could get Hard Money for rehabs without regard to my credit. That lenders are more concerned with the after repair appraisal. (60%-70% LTV) Yet, every lender I have spoken to wants to pull my credit. (It's lousy) What's the deal?
  6. I was told that hard money was available for rehabs without regard to my credit, and that lenders were more concerned with the after repair appraisal,(60%-70% LTV). Yet, every hard money lender I have spoke to wants to pull my credit. What gives?
  7. While trolling for notes, I stumbled upon a pre-foreclosure lead. I don't do foreclosures (yet) but I'll turn the lead over to anyone who is interested. All I ask is a flat finders fee of $1000.00. (After closing of course.) Here's the deal: The couple who own the house are divorcing. The husband is supposed to be paying on the mortgage. He has not been doing so. The house is a ranch style brick on five acres of land. 3 BR, 2BA, two car garage. I haven't done a drive by, but I do know comps in the area go for around $135,000.00. If interested e-mail demson79@lycos.com or call Lloyd @ (740)767-3378
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