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  1. Thanks for your reply McMenaemie. I appreciate the advice.
  2. Wow! Thanks for the quick response. As you suggest I will be focusing on CA's at first. There is always a possibility that a situation will arise where a SLO will be the better option. I understand what you are saying though. I was just curious if anyone had done deals without the biz entity set up first. It sounds like that is the case. Its time to get started. Woohoo!
  3. I have purchased and read the program. I have been searching the forums for an answer to the following question, but have not yet found it. Is it best to get a business entity first then start doing deals or do some deals then get the entity? I am in California so the $800/year minimum tax for an LLC is pretty steep without any income from deals. What do you all think is best? Thanks in advance for any replies/help.
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