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  1. Hi tldickens- If you are still looking for an attorney in the Triad area you may want to try and contact Brian H. Elam,The Elam Law Firm. He is investor friendly and attends the RE club meetings. He works about 20 counties in NC and knows Lease Options. web site: Innovative Closing Solutions So MC, Super Bowl Sunday this weekend! Who do you have your money on?
  2. Can't sell your existing house due to new home construction? It's time to consider the Lease Purchase Advantage! http://realtormag.realtor.org/daily-news/2017/03/31/strong-building-activity-tests-agents#sf67078985
  3. Hey MC- It has been a while hope you’re doing well. I wanted to check-in to see what you and others thought about where the RE market is heading? I know for me and in many other areas it has been a Sellers market and inventory has been low. I sat in a real estate seminar class today and the speaker is one who is constantly traveling around in my state for RE. He stated there are a couple areas where new construction is picking up and everyone is in a frantic to buy "new". This is putting "re-sale" houses in less demand, lowering prices, and I would think potentially creating motivated Sellers. Seems like this might be something to get in front of and rev up the Lease Purchase machine if this trend continues.
  4. I never saw so many sour media faces. Hopefully Trump can rattle the cage to get some business friendly economic growth going.
  5. He did it! Bye - Bye Obama...Finally
  6. Hi Dion- What ever happened to the hand shake? Verbal agreements are only as good as the paper they're written on. he-said/she-said
  7. For me my market zigged and zagged and went flat, especially the FSBO market. No new construction for years. Now we have an inventory shortage and the average Joe is broke anyway. The Lease Purchase Advantage is where I realized how to do true no down deals and that is where I took off. My favorite was/is sandwich L/O deals. Moving forward I included other RE investing techniques. Although I have optioned ugly houses, and wholesaling them seems to be all the rage, it’s not really my favorite thing to do. But that’s me. So, looking around to see where the inventory of nice houses in good areas was, it seems it was all with brokers; so I obtained my license and spent some time on the other side to see what ups as a Realtor. I have since moved back to being naked. I am a broker, but consider myself a licensed investor. I now work with other investors who want access to the MLS, work with sellers & buyers on listings and do property management. My specialty is still dong Lease Purchase deals but with a slight spin being licensed; and helping sellers using other creative techniques. Currently, my market is hot for rentals. So, sandwich type deals, property management and keeping an eye out for creative buy and hold is what I hunt for, and what has sustained me through my market’s down turn.
  8. TRUMP as a Presidential Nominee? The establishment doesn’t like real estate investors. Investors believe in a free market and buck the system. Investors live in reality and believe that what two people agree to is valid in any deal. Investors like to make money and tell it like it is. The establishment and government authorities try to regulate and control. They squash creative deal making and thought and want to dictate how deals should be completed. They tout consumer protection as a form of political correctness. They want a large piece of the action in the form of taxation and licensure. But, when people realize the value a real estate investor brings. How they cut to the chase to get the deal done to create a win-win that is when economic gain and value is realized. Trump has had a steal chin going against the grain of the establishment and media. His strength is telling it how he sees it with no excuse and letting the chips fall where they may. Maybe it’s time for a real estate investor to be the Presidential Nominee.
  9. Yes, I would let the seller and buyer work out what ever they want. Understandable you don't want to leave them high and dry either, but if you have assigned the deal you are out. I would only be the source of the source.. In other words, I would recommend to them a good attorney or a legal forms web site like USLeagalForms.com. Giving advise to the buyer or seller needs a license. If something happens down the road you don't want them coming back on you. I blame the law all the time. Sorry, by law I can't do that, I would need to be a licensed attorney, but I know a good attorney you can contact who can put it all together for you. I am sure they would appreciate you pointing them in the right direction.
  10. To play devil's advocate... If you do anything other than assign your interest in the deal (the contract) you are brokering. If you draw up a contract to purchase for the seller and buyer you are practicing law and need to be a licensed attorney. If you hired the attorney, he is representing you, so tell him what you want to do and let the attorney do the work. Keep you nose clean and just assign your option contract. You do not need to go to close if you have already been paid. I would just hold the funds in your account for now, unless your attorney structures something different. K.I.S.S.
  11. I had a question regarding the expiration of the option to purchase in the agreement. In the paragraph "Exercise of Option" it states that the option needs to be exercised 60 days prior to the expiration of the agreement. I’ve never had a time where I had to enforce this provision. Just curious what the reasoning is for this?
  12. <Steve>


    Well I have a couple Lease Purchase properties on Postlets and have updated them to Zillow in the "for rent" section, and I am slammed with emails and calls. Probably 25 to 30 emails from zillow, trulia and hotpads and minimal from craigs. Reminds me of the good old days. It sure seems this is where buyers and tenant/buyers are at. I am sure sellers will, if they are smart, follow and post more on Zillow. I just answered 5 emails writing this post. sheesh Now all we need is an economy where people can start making some money.
  13. <Steve>


    Thanks for the link MC. Guess we'll see if this might open up some potential for additional email marketing?
  14. It looks like Postlets merged with Zillow, and it seems they are really pushing to get properties for rent listed. I herd something about a Trulia merger as well. Anyone have the skinny? I always liked Postlets as they syndicated to other web sites. Great for getting the word out for Lease Purchase deals. Zillow seems to be the hottest at the moment for replies to ads as Craigslist has been dead for some time now.
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