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  1. Here's an update to that job posting. ENJOY! http://www.vancouversun.com/life/Three+Bri...0195/story.html Here's the article just in case the link doesn't work: Three British Columbians in the running for the ultimate dream job By Gerry Bellett, Vancouver SunMarch 3, 2009Comments (4) It’s touted as the best job in the world, being paid $100,000 to be caretaker of a tropical island and living for six months in beachfront luxury off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. For once, it sounds like all the hype is justified. That is why 34,000 people applied, including the Province’s online editor, Erik Rolfsen. Rolfsen, 39, and two other British Columbians — Anny Chih, who just graduated from Simon Fraser University and tour guide Marcella Moser — were told Monday by the government of Queensland they had made the pool of 50 contestants from which the winner will be chosen. “It’s exciting getting down to the last 50,” said Rolfsen, who like the other job-seekers had to submit a minute-long video showing why he would make the perfect caretaker. “Tourism Queensland is going to pick 10 finalists and there will be one person chosen by the public in an online poll. These 11 will be taken to the Whitsunday Islands for the final interview to pick the winner,” Rolfsen said. The contest is part of a promotion to bring visitors to Queensland in tough economic times, and Rolfsen said for a budget of $1.5 million, Tourism Queensland has netted “$80 million worth of free publicity and it’s not over yet.” “They got 34,000 people making videos, saying how great the Great Barrier Reef was. It’s a brilliant promotion,” he said. Rolfsen’s video can be found on the islandreefjob.com website, along with those of the other finalists. His is as much a tourist promotion for B.C. as a pitch for the job, as he’s shown golfing, skiing and playing on the beach, pastimes Vancouverites like to pretend they often do all in one day. Seven Canadians reached the final 50, which Rolfsen found astonishing considering the applicants came from more than 200 countries. According to the organizers, the caretaker’s duties will be collecting the mail, feeding the fish and cleaning the pool in the mansion overlooking the ocean, but thankfully no mention of raking the beach each day just to keep the sand tidy. The caretaker also must blog his or her adventures on and around the Great Barrier Reef. Part of the job description is sampling all the attractions. Chih, 22, could hardly believe it when she discovered she has a chance. Her video shows her engaging in just about every activity imaginable, including bungee-jumping, skydiving and ocean kayaking. Last winter, she backpacked alone across Russia. Why? “That’s part of the challenge,” she said. When she finished university and her friends asked what job she’d like, she said she wanted one in which she could have fun and try something new every day. They told her such a job didn’t exist. “Then I read about the best job in the world on the BBC website and I thought, ‘Hmm,’ maybe it does.’” The next step for the contestants is to write 500-word essays describing themselves, their backgrounds and what is important in their lives. Organizers will decide by the end of this month which 11 will be chosen to fly to Australia for the final interview. gbellett@vancouversun.com © Copyright © The Vancouver Sun Did you notice that while there were 34,000 applicants, 3 of them have been chosen from my home turf, VANCOUVER, BC! YUP! We rock! Eat your hearts out guys!
  2. Happy Birthday, Happy Ardy! Hope you had a great one! WCG aka Jean
  3. Thanks a Million, Michael & Bev for the birthday wishes & balloons! You guys made my day! I feel so hono(u)red and privilged to be apart of the best and brightest folks and forum out there! Thanks "guys"! Faithfully yours, Jean! P.S. The weather is awsome today! Mild and sunny! Wooo Hooo!!! What more can a girl, I mean, woman ask for????
  4. In English, please! CANADIAN, that is! Jean Translation: This doesn't work in his area. Move to the United States. He'll have better luck the further south he goes. THANKS for the linguistic translation, Jason! I greatly appreciate it! BEV, MC, Doug, what's your view point on Jason's insight / interpretation / suggestion / on our Market (especially, the Canadian one!)??? Jean
  5. In English, please! CANADIAN, that is! Jean
  6. COOL! Keep us posted and how things unfold! By the way, SLO's should be soooooooo much easier now since banks aren't giving out money any more! Cheers, Jean
  7. Good to see you back here on the board, Dougie! It's been awhile! However, I CAN'T believe that you are STILL getting the same responses there in Ontario. My God! You are all in a serious recession right now! What the hell are they thinking? Like some unexplained magic is going to be bestowed upon them and they WILL SELL??? UNBELIEVABLE! On another note. Here in Vancouver the blood-bath is happening! FINALLY! We currently have a developer selling his inventory at 25 - 40% off the "retail price"! They are taking out FULL page ads in all the local newspapers and have been on the News to move their product as well! Other condo projects I have noticed popping up lately are HUGE signs saying "RENT TO OWN" in place of "NOW SELLING"! You gotta remember! Vancouver is, THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH TO LIVE! So, sheesh! If we can't move product, how the heck are those poor Ontarians expecting to do so???? WCG aka Jean
  8. Happy Naked "B" Day, Dougie! Looks like us, here in Vancouver, is celebrating Dougie style this year too! Therefore, I know how ya feeling buddy! So, Keep Warm! I'll be having a hot totty while thinking of you! Us Canucks need to stick together (Ice and Snow or not)! Bottoms Up! WCG
  9. Oh my God! I hope that was a tonge in cheek comment! Do you KNOW who CD is???? Better do your homework now. There's a LOT to unearth about this veteran INVESTOR and TEACHER! He's LEGENDARY! Check him out by doing a Google search. You'll see his articles can be found EVERYWHERE out there! Better yet, check out YouTube. You'll learn a lot from him there in the flesh! Hi, Mr. Diamond, It's a real pleasure to see you here on this board ... the One & Only Board! WCG aka Jean
  10. PM me Darin, I can steer you in the right direction. I would post it here, but I don't want to break any linkage rules. Cheers, Jean
  11. Dougie, Two Words for ya. Harper Baby! Actually, JUST before he was re- elected (and actually what he said during his campaign) he said that our economy was in good shape! NOW, that he's been re-elected as Prime Minister, he's now saying that we are in a recession/depression! WTF??? I'll find that thread and post it here! WCG
  12. Sounds like you give out only ONE (1) loan per category. If you were giving out more loans per category, you would have said business loanS, personal loanS, etc. Get my drift??? Sheesh!
  13. WOW Bev. Unbelievable. Well, if this makes you feel any better, you're not the only one having problems, especially ya'll Americans. Ya gotta read this thread posted here in Vancouver, BC. Scary times man! Scams are happen'n everywhere! What's really kinda of sad about this story is that this is an Asian (Chinese) man that doesn't speak English fluently and doesn't know our Tenant / Landlord laws or our Judiciary system. Read here for all the details on his rental scam: http://www.realestatetalks.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=36504 WCG
  14. Hey Dougie Boy! Aweseome Blog! However, it doesn't look like you're monetizing it! That should be your next order of business! If you want to know how, well, you know my number. Give me a call and we can discuss it! WCG aka Jean
  15. Long ago I accepted the fact that I was a sex object in the eyes of most women. What can I say? Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. COOL! You can then help me deal with these unreasonable peeps! Two (2) SEXY people are better than One (1) when trying to deal these types of peeps
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