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  1. I would be glad to assist. As long as you have created a decent spread for yourself, then I have a answer for you. silentconsultant@gmail.com
  2. Congrats on the potential deals off of CL. On your post though #3 Be careful as to how you qualify the tenant buyers. Unless controlling the property and making a small cash flow monthly gain is your main goal, you want to really screen the potential tenant buyers to make sure that they will cash you out as soon as possible. I have found that making sure they will qualify beyond a reasonable doubt, and educating them on why they cannot mess with their credit pays off HUGE. I have it down where almost all of my deals are cashed out within5-6 months (some as little as 45 days). Zanders
  3. zanders

    Here's An Idea

    Hi Tim, The nice thing about the Google box isthat it automatically gets you in the top 10 in your city for your keyword. It literally blasts you past the competition that has spend thousands on seo work.
  4. zanders

    Here's An Idea

    I actually used rent 2 own homes as my keywords and it worked real well. I have other folks that used different keywords in their own cities. Deb, the woman I partnered with, is a whiz at getting these rolling. Sure beats the deadbeats with Craigslist. I can direct you to her if you want to emal me. I don't want to blast her info on the boards.
  5. Kish is a boob. Design your own and save the money he charges. Never pay a dime upfront for anything!
  6. Great point...I am just an option. Look to putyour own together and control the deal whenever possible.
  7. Hi Jason, No problem. I work with a licensed credit repair person that does te work on the files for my clients. We all know that only about 10% of the TB's ever exercise their options and the reason for this is because they have not changed their credit situations. 1. We have their files gone over by our lenders rep. He tells us what needs to go and what needs to be added. 2. We update and tweak their personal history section of their report. 3. We start working on removing the items that he stated needs to go. 4. If needed we add tradelines. We also teach them how to add all the bills they pay each month to their files to show positive pay history and eventually as a tradeline. 5. We speak with their employer and pastor if possible and get a char. letter from them and have that added to the file. 6. We then take them back to the lender rep for closing. We charge nothing upfront or during te process. All expenses and time fall on us. Once we get the loan closed, the investor pays us 3% of the sales price as a Buyer Preperation Fee that goes on the seller side of the HUD.
  8. I save the snake oil for the snakes I meet. Rub them down and cut off their heads.
  9. Hi Rod, Give me a call... 623-385-5560 Patrick
  10. Thanks John....Nice to see hear you are still kickin butt and taking names in the sunshine state.
  11. Good point and that's why my guy does NOT NOT NOT charge upfront
  12. I got around that point by simply charging a flat fee of $1000 as a marketing fee and set up an llc for marketing purposes. The mortgage person simply 1099's my company or w-9.
  13. I have actually tweaked it out a bit since my post. There is no fee at all to the seller or buyer throughout th entire process. I get 3% on the end of the deal after the loan closes. by offering it this way, I am averaging a new client a day. I understand that the risk is on me, but I am insulating myself well enough I think.
  14. I work with a licensed credit repair firm that has NO UPFRONT FEES. I simply locate tenant buyers, put them in the pay as items come off credit repair program and then locate a LO seller. I sell them on the fact that I have a TB with down payment money, actively in a credit repair program and I am working to assist them in exercising the LO. Three cash flows for me here: 1. Get part of the down payment. 2. Get passive income from the credit repair firm. 3. When cleaned and ready, I hand them off to the mortgage broker and get a point or so from them. For the greedy ones...You could make a 4th cash flow and get a piece of the action from the tenant buyer!
  15. Eric, I have a buyer looking in the 75k value range that wants a 3/2 in Columbus. If you have anything, let me know. Patrick
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