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  1. DAN, Hey man this is amazing! Seeing deals done in my own backyard (literally) is very motivating. Is there anyway you and I can get together for lunch on me? Id love to have a mentor I can meet with and share experiences with. Anything I can do in return I will- maybe bird dog for you at first in return for some experience and tips. Jared Steal away, my Northern friend. I'm constantly trying out your suggestions! Dan Freedom Creek LLC That's a real nice looking site Dan (SOCAl). I have to ask, I hope you don't mind...How much of of that "move in money" do you get to pocket?
  2. Alright I am finially ready to dedicate myself to RE Investing. I thought about it 8 months ago, and I saw the secret. It really opened my eyes up. Side Note: Anyone else seen that movie, and how has it affected your business? Anyhow, I am in Murrieta California, with "The Protege Program" in hand (Peter Conti Resultsnow.com) It sounds great, but I dont understand how I will create a monthly cashflow when the real estate market is declining. Also, I cannot promise the seller more money at closing - so that means I am giving them less for the property AND cashing them out down the time. Is anyone operating in California on this forum? If yes, I would LOVE it if you could share some insights with me on this LP system. How many properties do you cashflow in a year? How do you structure a deal as a win/win in a declining market like mine? I know its a buyers market right now - and I am really excited to get started. What challenges can I expect along the way? What type of skills will help me achieve success faster? I am setting my goals and setting up a daily action plan. I am 21years old. I want to be able to quit my job in 2 years and be cashflowing 5-8k per month. I am willing to help someone in my area in exchange for some guidance and help along the way. Web Design is my trade.
  3. Thanks Adam that was a big help. I have heard that saying you are an investor right off the bat will scare some people away, but your wording dosnt leave room for a complaint which is good! Do you get them to agree over the phone to a deal before you go meet them, or do you pre-pre quality over the phone and then ask to meet with them and discuss the real terms and options in person?
  4. I was having trouble getting motivated to do my calls, etc... I reado n the internet, and I decided to try some vitamins. I know this is not related to RE, but it helped me I used St. Johns Wort, and a B Complex and I have all this energy now and I am always in a great mood. I am not afraid to call anyone either, you guys should try it.
  5. do you have to pay taxes on the option money you collect?>
  6. Thanks for answering so fast, and sorry about being nosey. BEVs checks just got me excited, and shes in california! So that means same market... I just cant wait to get it and start. Unfortunately it will probably take a week to recieve. Thanks again Michael
  7. Michael, I am very excited about the CA idea. Have you had greater success with finding deals for CA than with LO? It seems to me (my n00b opinion) that LO is less appealing because they are working with you and dont make a profit for it. With a CA they make all the monthly cashflow right? and the payoff. Sounds foolproof, plus I LOVE the idea of no legal stuff attatched to me on my side. How much money have you made from doing CA? (sorry if its to invasive, just curious what kind of dough its bringing in)
  8. I was looking at BEV!'s check page, and I dont see how you are getting option payments that are so damn large. With a CA, it is still Rent to own right, so why would someone put down 18 grand? With Rent2Own I was under the impression that what you recieved up front was not a down payment, but an Option Payment. That is generally significantly smaller than a down...
  9. Has anyone ever said "Hey I can do this without you, thanks for the idea though" when you show them the idea of a Cooperative Assignment w/ Rent to Own Basis? How do most people respond when you ask them about the idea? Are they floored and say YES, or HELL NO? This sounds like MOST, if not ALL sellers who are renting anyway would say hell yea. Most people are renting for 2-4 years and then sell anyway. I ordered the course tonight, and cannot wait to recieve it. This sounds a lot easier than a lease purchase because I am not legally responsible for anything! BUT, by #1 concern is that a Realtor would get pissed, or might sue me or something for it. On another note, just out of curiousity, whats the most # of Cooperative Assignments have you guys signed up on one month? What was your total months payoff? Patiently waiting
  10. When you sign up a CA, are you supposed to have TB ready to fill it or do you find a deal first and then look for TBs? Seems if you have TB ready and waiting to give you their money it would be great!
  11. GOod Question. Does it come with like actual manuals, or is it a PDF download? Does it explain CO in detail and how to do them well? Does it come with state specific contracts for every type of deal described? (or at least ones for California so I can have some) I would buy it if it explains this CO everyones talking about!
  12. Dough, thats a great idea! I never thought about that. but... What do I say if they ask how am I able to do this? What happens if my market DROPS? How can I make cashflow on it if they are going to be making such a huge profit? Do you ask sellers this right on the phonem like this... Well what if I can give you more than your asking price. Does the ebook sold on this site cover this kind of stuff? it never occures to me, I took Peter Contis course and it says to always buy with a built in profit. So I was thinking, shit I cant do that here! You have given me new inspiration, Hope to hear back from you soon!
  13. I am in Southern California. A good example of the market I am in is this...My parents bought their house 2.5 years ago at 225k dollars. Two weeks ago it was apparaised at 560k. That is some damn high appreciation. I just wonder if they will work because I have spoken with 3-4 other investors in the area, and they told me doing L/O in such a hott market is going to be really hard. Thats why everyone is buying them at cash discounts. Its a great market for RE, but it is a sellers market. So much so, that there are apartment complexes coming up overnight, and people are moving into them just to wait for more houses to be built. We have all these home companies building houses EVERYWHERE. They cant build them FAST ENOUGH. So someone in Forclosure wont have trouble selling their house because people will take anything as long as its in this area. (Riverside County / Orange County - In the middle here)
  14. MichaelC...You are right. Hit the nail on the head. Sometimes, I wake up and I say I am going to get a deal, and thats all it takes. Some days I wake up, and think about how badly I want a deal, and how bad I want to succeed in RE. Those days I blaze through 100 FRBO ads in an hr. Others, I dont feel motivated at all, I say damn is this even going to work. No one says yes, etc... And its discouraging. Partly this is because I am in the fastest growing market in the world, and if anyones market is a sellers market, its mine. Sometimes I wonder if LO will work for me because I have little money to start with, and it seems like everyone in the paper IS an investor. Infact, I have only called 4-5 people so far who arent renting for profit, and I have called hundreds. My county is full of investors, I wish I had some money saved up and move to Texas or somewhere the market is slowwww. Then I could close 15 deals in 6 months or less and come back, or live there! Lately I bumped up to 45 calls per day, and I am calling alot of the same people. This week I only called 30 people, feels like I am losing hope. I know persistance is key, but in a market like mine how long must I persist!!
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