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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys! What type of marketing is bringing in the seller leads these days? Direct mail post cards? Flyers? Bandit signs? Any other form of marketing? What type of quantities do you send and what is the actual response/closed transaction rate? Thanks
  2. As a realtor I have access to the MLS and have done some marketing with expired listings. I have concentrated on pretty homes $100K- $500K ,out of town owners ,vacant homes or owners with a different address than property. Not short sales. I know they are getting bombarded by all the realtors but in my letter I am trying to be different from the sales realtors. Since I am a property manager ( yes I really am) I am telling them I specialize in LO and rentals. I have not been doing this long but feel I should get some response. What is the response rate you are getting ? Any ideas for getting my phone to ring? I want to get my first home this month! Shelley
  3. I'm new. I don't get it. What do you say when a seller sees that you are advertising their property on craigslist, etc. at higher price with all these rent credits that they can't understand? Also, how can the seller continue trying to sell on their own (non-exclusive) when you and they will be advertising different prices for the same house?
  4. Investors, A quick overview of the spread sheet: --This can be used to calculate a month's long campaign --Users enter in their tactics (postcards, flyers, etc) and then the cost per use --Users then design their campaign over 4 weeks --Totals for cost and material #s are then reported at the bottom Then it gets interesting: --the financing section is something I designed for use with my AE express plum card. it tells me what my 30 day payment is, and what my 60 day payment is so I can maintain use of free money --by entering a capture rate one can see how many leads they will generate per tactic (I use 3% for postcards) --the conversion rate, is your measure as an investor. what percent of the leads are you able to convert to deals? I used a conservative 5% --finally, enter your average cash now, cash monthly, and cash later for deals in your area to see what you're gonna make. I want to see other's thoughts what their capture rate, and conversion rates are. Click the link below, and then select Download As from the upper left corner. The link to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google....bkducGhhYXFhQUE --->select File>Download As to save it to your computer so you can edit it Best of luck with your late summer-fall campaigns. Oh, and what do you think of mine? ---Nick
  5. I live in South Florida. It's a Hot Market for Real Estate and I must say Road Signs/Bandit Signs are all over the place. Streets are always Hit with new Signs from investors. Anyone Have any Ideas on where to place Signs that most people won't usually do Here is another Question.. What should I put on the Signs that are more Creative than the Signs I am seeing now. Just trying to see what others are doing that is working for them. Thanks!
  6. I have been advertising in the rental section, but I'm rethinking that strategy. do you advertise in the rental or for sale section? Do you have a preference and if so why? Looking for feedback from the masters! Thanks
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