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Mortgage Solicitor - New Jersey

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Hello Everyone,


In the past several weeks I have received email requesting more information about becoming a mortgage solicitor in New Jersey and making it another profit center for real estate investors.


My suggestion is to contact various mortgage brokerages and just ask. Some will do this and some won't. Those that will compensate you for referrals usually pay a half percent of a mortgage that closed on a home.


I have attached the application provided by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. The mortgage solicitor application is one page and not the same as becoming a mortgage broker.


If you find a buyer, help them find a mortgage through a brokerage that will compensate you for the referral.


This is just good business.


If you need a personal contact for a mortgage company in your area of the country, private message me with your name, address, telephone number and what you want specifically. I will be glad to provide you with a contact. I deal with lenders all over the USA.



Daniel Ng, JD/LL.B (Honours)


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