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We Have a New Legal Eagle Moderator

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I am very pleased to announce that after a long absence and search, our Legal Eagle forum is now going to be moderated by attorney Jaret Turkell. Jaret is a 2004 graduate of Duke Law School. After graduation he obtained a Masters of Law in Real Property Development from the University of Miami. He is currently practicing in the real estate department at Ferrell Law, P.A. (formerly known as Ferrell Schultz).

Jaret is here to answer our questions of a general legal nature. Responses are not to be construed as legal advice. They are opinions based on the information presented in your post. If anyone cares to pursue a matter in depth, Jaret may be contacted directly to discuss the possibility of entering an attorney/client relationship. His screen name is miamidirtlaw.

Welcome to The Naked Investor, Jaret. :rolleyes:

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