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Joint Venture 25% - 50% ROI

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Hello, my name is William Lee. I’m writing today because we are looking for an “Earnest” escrow-funding partner. I have a investment group that buy’s Real Estate properties for resale. We specialize in all types of properties from small residential homes to small commercial(convenience stores, gas stations, laundry's, etc.) properties. Our business caters to individual investors of all income and investment levels. We have an array of properties such as: • Residential • Apartment complexes • Hotels • Commercial (Businesses) • Mixed Use • Income producing WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We are looking for a company, institute, private / angel investor, or broker / source that we can partner with to provide my company with specialized funding in the form of an secure “risk free” earnest assistance escrow loan, very similar to the successful down payment “gift” assistance program being used by other funding sources. We are seeking a partner that can provide us with quick funding up to one million dollars consisting of the following criteria:

• No up-front fee’s or cost

• Ability to provide quick funding within 72 hours

You or your business can set-up the earnest escrow in, or similar to a fiduciary account with an insured and mutually agreed upon escrow company or lawyer to mange and oversee the entire transaction in which the funding partner will be repaid in full at closing for the entire funded amount along with your point’s / fee’s. I will set-up and arrange our own financing with our approved lender (we will provide the funding partner with a commitment letter from our lender), this is to show that we have the funds readily available along with our seriousness to get the deal done. I have access to a lot of private and institutional capitol that we use to finance our deals. If we are able to attract and form a partnership with a qualified “earnest” funding source we would be willing to use our financing capabilities to help fund any of your “feasible” purchases in the form of an JV partnership in which we could finance your deals through my sources using our financing power to get your deals funded, requiring you with little to no qualifying or credit needed to get your deals purchased. So if you are interested and your company has the capabilities and resources needed to fund our earnest transactions in a quick and timely manner, please advise me on your companies interest ASAP by contacting me back so that we can discuss more in-depth on your companies interested and it’s capabilities to assist my company with our needed funding request. The funds needed will range from $10k - $50k per transaction. YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR FUNDS AND ROI BACK AT CLOSING!!!!!!

We have two SFR deals on the table at the moment. One for $7k and the other for $15k. Serious inquiries only!!! Time is of an essence!!!


I have several investors (700+ credit) that would like to joint-venture with foreclosures, bank owned and FSBO Rehab Properties in Birmingham, Alabama at a 40% - 60% discount. The profits will be split 45/45 w/10% administration fee. Your funds will be secured by realestate. You hold the 1st mortgage on the property as collateral for the purchase price, repairs and your ROI and the partnership will be official with a promissory note. The purchase price of the properties will range from $15K - $30k and the repairs will range from $10k - $20k. The ARV for these properties will be from $50k-$75k. The repairs will take 30-45 days. Repair funds are escrowed into 2 draws. 1/2 is due at closing, the other 1/2 is due when the project is completed.

The exit starategy will be to refinance (tax advantage) the property or sell it 80% LTV (Purchase agreement w/buyer will be signed at beginning of rehab process w/$250.00 earnest money). I have a list of over 50 lease to purchase and renters available if you want to keep the properties for residual income. These properties will be moved or lived in as fast as we can complete them. My investors would like to do 5+ per month.


Address: XXXX

SP: $12k

Repairs: $8k

ARV: $50k

This is a very common deal.

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