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Do you know what a Mortgage Checking Account is?

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We all have a checking account. For most of us, we spend all of the money in our checking account because there is no incentive to keep any money in it since it earns no interest.

Then we have a mortgage account--our biggest payment obligation. In the early years of a mortgage, more than 80% of the total payments on a typical 30 year mortgage go towards interest.


Here in America, in the best interest of the financial institutions, we have been conditioned to:

~Put all of our money into a checking account that earns little or no interest!

~Make payments on our mortgage that statistically go almost entirely towards interest!

~Avoid using a savings account because you won't get any real return

~Use high interest credit cards during a financial crisis to bail you out

This is the trap that most Americans find themselves in: paying lots of interest for years with little or no return.


In countries like Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and now even in the US, people are discovering that they can reverse the current trend and make their money work for them instead of against them.

Many Australians pay off their homes in half to even 2/3 less time than Americans. Australian financial institutions have created a mortgage product that is tied directly to a checking account.


The problem here in America is that checking accounts and mortgage accounts have nothing to do with each other.


But what if your checking account was your mortgage account too? That might sound a little strange, but they have been doing this in other countries for years. The results of combining these two accounts and following a simple system are staggering.




We here at Sydney Financial Group have developed a way to mimic the results of the mortgage checking accounts used in other countries. We use a second mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit and convert it into a mortgage checking account or MCA. You don't have to refinance your first mortgage to make this system work for you.

Using a Mortgage Checking Account and using the interest free features of a credit card, we can help you pay down your consumer debt and your mortgage faster than you ever thought possible.


And, once you pay down your mortgage or even while you are paying it down, we can also show you how to build up your retirement.



Our purpose is to help you accomplish three goals:

~if you are in debt, we want to help you get out;

~help you realize the American dream of actually owning your own home, and help you build a substantial retirement.


I know we can help you accomplish these goals, if you are willing to follow the Sydney Financial Group system and change your paradigm of money and debt.

If these are goals you would like to achieve, please feel free to email me




Q: Is this product for consumers living in the United States?

A: Yes. This type of program has been available in Australia, Great Britain, and Canada for more than two decades. It has just recently become available in the United States.



Q: Using this method, how fast can I really pay off my home?

A: It depends on your specific circumstances and spending habits. Many people are able to pay off their home in half the time or even a third of the time--all without having to make more money or spend more money than you are already





Q: Do I have to take out a new mortgage or refinance my home to make this work?

A: No. We have devised a way to convert a Home Equity Line of Credit or a second mortgage into a Mortgage Checking Account (MCA). This way, you can get all of the benefits of an Australian mortgage checking account without having to redo your mortgage.





Q: How does mixing a checking account with a mortgage help?

A: A Mortgage Checking Account (MCA) leverages ALL of the idle money in your checking account every day of the month. Whenever you deposit money into your MCA, the money is automatically applied toward the balance of your home loan saving you money on the daily calculated interest that you are charged.


When you need to pay your necessary expenses, it comes back out at that point. In the meantime, it has helped reduce the interest accumulating on your home loan.





Q: Why haven't I heard of this before?

A: This type of system has been in use in Australia for several decades. It has since spread to New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and now to the United States.


The financial institutions in the United States aren't excited about this because it means they make less money on your loans. They will only adapt to this type of offering when faced with significant competition. That competition has arrived.





Q: Is this a Mortgage Accelerator?

A: Some people refer to a Mortgage Checking Account (MCA) as a mortgage accelerator since it helps you pay off your home more quickly. However, there is a difference between our product and a traditional mortgage accelerator.


A traditional mortgage accelerator relies on splitting your mortgage payment in half and making two payments each month. Since it speeds up the payment on half of your monthly mortgage payment, it helps you to pay off your mortgage more quickly. Sydney Financial Group offers a far superior product.


A mortgage checking account leverages ALL of the idle money in your checking account every day of the month. Whenever you deposit money into your MCA, it automatically goes towards paying off your home. When you need to pay your necessary expenses, it comes back out at that point. In the meantime, it has helped hold down the interest accumulating on your home.





Q: Are there any states where this program isn't allowed?

A: There are currently two states where we cannot offer this product: Alaska, and Hawaii. We are working to bring this offering to residents of those states soon.

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