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The future is now! Sydney Financial has brought to the US a loan designed to payoff the principle balance of your home loan in the first 6 years saving home owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. Current US home loans don’t even start paying off half the principle balance until the 22nd year of a typical 30 year loan. Home owners will never have to refinance again as they will have total access to their equity as long as they own their home. This loan will eventually put mortgage brokers who don’t have this product out of the refinance business. The loan I am referring to is a Mortgage Checking Account (MCA). I am looking for Realtors and Loan Originators who want to sell this to past, present, and future clients. You can still go about your daily routine of selling or financing homes, but I have taken it a step further. I use the MCA as a marketing tool to generate clients, and trust me it sparks plenty of interest. If the client has a HELOC in place already then I pass it on to my Sydney Financial Rep. and a couple days later a check is deposited into my account. If they do not have a HELOC in place then I consolidate their debt, set them up with a HELOC then pass them off to my Sydney Financial Rep. and a couple days later a check is deposited into my account. I have a couple Realtors working with me as well, and all they do is hand out there business cards to there clients. This is a great marketing tool and has helped everyone involved. Please email me if you would like to know more.




- You will receive your very own website

- 250 business cards

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