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Try Buyer Modification To Cash Out Your TB

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There is no doubting that we are in troubled economic times. Just turn

on your television or radio news, open a newspaper, or read any

financial based magazine and they will all shout out depression,

recession, doom and gloom. This in itself is enough to make even the

bravest of investors plant themselves firmly on the fence and watch

the good deals go by.


If you are a seasoned investor or a person just looking at getting

started, do not place all your faith in the news. Instead, use a

little known tactic referred to as 'Buyer Modification" to make your

deals flow AND CLOSE easily. By learning about Buyer Modification, you

will be able to take control of any geographic area quickly and



So the big question is, what is Buyer Modification? Buyer Modification

blends unique investor programs from regional and national lenders

along with rapid credit restructuring. These two parts allow for

basically any buyer to become approved for an FHA loan in less than 30

days. The best part is there is no out of pocket cost to the investor

what so ever.


Why hadn't you heard of Buyer Modification before? Quite simply

because there is only one firm to date that offers this exclusive

service and they only work with a handful of clients. The company is

MBK Services Group Inc., a Michigan based company that works in every

state nationwide. Again, I think the main reason that they are

virtually unknown is their lack of mass marketing and working with a

handful of clients.


A main plus to the investor is quite simple. Currently, the main

problem with moving properties is not the lack of deals to be had on

the properties themselves. Quite the contrary, the deals now are

better than most any time to date. The main problem is with the exit

strategy. How in the world is an investor supposed to move the

properties that can get good deals on when most people cannot get

financed? You guessed it, by Buyer Modification.


This buyer modification system does have a drawback if you can call it

that. The investor must hold the property for the 90 day seasoning

time, which means they might need to add an extra month in holding

costs. The thing here though is that where the investor might have

typically sold the property to a wholesaler at 70 cents on the dollar

quicker, if they hold it the extra month, they can now walk away with

20% MORE in cash on the backside!

Of course, this drawback only exists with new purchases. Tired

landlords, those currently holding paper with seller financing, and

those currently selling via lease option can take advantage of it



If you would like to speak with someone regarding the Buyer

Modification program, your best bet is to email them directly. Their

email address is mbkfinancial@...


This can definitely take your investing to the next level immediately.

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