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Hi Jason,


No problem. I work with a licensed credit repair person that does te work on the files for my clients. We all know that only about 10% of the TB's ever exercise their options and the reason for this is because they have not changed their credit situations.


1. We have their files gone over by our lenders rep. He tells us what needs to go and what needs to be added.


2. We update and tweak their personal history section of their report.


3. We start working on removing the items that he stated needs to go.


4. If needed we add tradelines. We also teach them how to add all the bills they pay each month to their files to show positive pay history and eventually as a tradeline.


5. We speak with their employer and pastor if possible and get a char. letter from them and have that added to the file.


6. We then take them back to the lender rep for closing.


We charge nothing upfront or during te process. All expenses and time fall on us. Once we get the loan closed, the investor pays us 3% of the sales price as a Buyer Preperation Fee that goes on the seller side of the HUD.

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I need to restrict my Internet usage. But I need use internet for work very often.


In the daily quotas you can only specify the time per day but it would be cool if it also had time per hour.

Say I want to allow myself only 10 minutes of Internet usage every hour, but Schedule is not very convenient for such use. by the way, is it possible to set a schedule using an external script?


Please can you provide a solution?


Many thanks

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