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The P.L.A.N (Private Lender Assistance Network)

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What an investor receives for $34,900:

Hand-picked investor quality home in select pre-approved locations

Free and Clear title with title insurance included

All due diligence on home and ability to accept or decline

All closing costs included



Investor pays $ 34,900 per home

(You can choose to invest more and get multiple homes)


We assign the Investor a home with Title Insurance and 100% ownership.


We then connect them with someone to buy the home from Investor

Sales price range is between 52-57k

This equates to an immediate equity gain of 16,000-22,000 for the Investor.

That is a 46-63% gain on equity immediately.


The buyer then makes monthly mortgage payments to the Investor

Payments range $ 450 - $ 500 monthly


450-500 monthly x 12 = 5400-6000 yearly on a 34,900 investment

That is a15.50 - 17.20% cap rate on top of the 46-63% equity gain.


We guarantee the first 12 months payments at $ 400 monthly income, while securing the home buyer


The home buyer that we find will either:

- Continue paying monthly mortgage payments (which, after 1 year gives the Investor a sellable note)

- Move and sell the home to another party, which converts the equity gain into Cash

- Refinance with a different lender, which also converts the equity gain into Cash


There is no investment of this size that offers so many exit strategies and is secured by the title of an asset that is priced so low as to almost guarantee no losses whatsoever.


Possible long term Advantages

Build a portfolio of these notes steadily over time to increase your return on investment safely


You have the note in your control until you’re paid off

You are creating sellable notes as you collect payments


There has never been a time in history

When this was possible

It’s possible now

We are doing it everyday



John Broussard




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