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Construction/Rehab Financing

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Construction / Rehab Financing



Are you a builder or contractor looking for financing?

I provide funding for the following project types:

* Spec or pre-sale construction of SFR's, townhomes and condos
* Rehab of existing properties
* Land development loans
* Bridge loans secured by existing properties

Interest rate of 10% + 4.25 points with terms to 18 months. No prepayment penalties.


North Carolina and Florida (also) we are providing min $5million up to $30 million

· Great for buying up subdivisions lots

· 7% + 3.25 points






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Guest Nikkicorrell

My fiancee and I are attempting to buy a house in Flushing, Mi. It previously sold for around $270,000. Our offer of $102,500 was accepted and we were preparing to close. A few weeks ago, our mortgage officer contacted us to let us know that there were some issues and that we could not proceed with the mortgage at this time. It should take us about 6 to 8 months to correct the issues in order to obtain the mortgage. In the meantime, we are searching for someone who might be able to help us. We need no money out of pocket, just someone who is willing to take out the mortgage, and immediately sell the property to us on land contract with a 6 to 12 month balloon. The listing is cash or 203K only, and we estimate the total amount with repairs included at $130,000. We would be willing to purchase the home on land contract immediately for $140,000 -$145,000. In other words, we're willing to offer $10,000 - $15,000 and we don't actually need to borrow any money from you, we just need someone who can get approved for a small mortgage and we would refinance in our names in approximately 6 -8 months. We are also in a time crunch, as our contract expires on the 28th . Please contact me if you might be able to help. Thanks!

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