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Get CASH for your expired or dead leads!

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My name is Michelle Green. I have worked with a lot of Investors & Realtors. If you’re like most, you’re throwing away a lot of leads because they don’t fit your criteria, the numbers don’t work (not enough equity), the seller won’t accept your offer, or the lead has expired (or is about to). I want to see if you'd be interested in turning many of those leads into cash?


This is not some scam or program or get rich quick scheme I dreamed up. It’s really very simple, I will give you cash for the leads that I can use that you were going to throw away! I can introduce you to a whole new stream of income. I have had remarkable success teaming up with professionals like you. I’d be happy to share this with you if you contact me.



Michelle Green

Koru Homes LLC

Ph: (904) 410-4470 (SMS preferred | calls after 1:00pm EST please)

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