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  2. Welcome home, Mikey! Good to hear from you again. I appreciate the kind words. Thank you.
  3. Hello everybody, I want to give a shout out to Michael and this site. I have been learning and burning full time since 2014 and have never looked back. This forums wisdom, creativity and nonstop encouragement is priceless. I would encourage anyone who is looking for great feedback and answers to real estate investing with little or no money to get to reading here. I have come a long way since getting involved here with a J.O.B, living paycheck to paycheck and a dream for a real estate career. Its been a whole lot of work, determination and learning. I am still learning and burning which is the part i like most. I think i read it here before, we are in the marketing business not real estate business. And with that i say get houses get paid. Thank you again Naked forum.
  4. Glenn, an investor I know suggested this attorney. I don't know him personally but if you're still looking he's worth contacting: Stefan McHardy. His website appears to be updating, www.stefanmchardy.com. But I have an email address: smchardy@dsalegalgroup.com
  5. Hi, Glenn. Yes, I'm in Broward. And let me just say it's damn hot these days! I haven't done a subject to deal in quite some time, so I'm not able to recommend anyone to you. In general, I found that most attorneys in our area shy away from these type deals, due to the excessive litigation mindset of folks in our area. Are you finding this to be the case, as well?
  6. You live in broward michael? Do you know any good attorneys or title companies that do subject too closings?
  7. Hi, Glenn. 20 years?? That's a heck of a long break. What brings you back into the fold? I've been in this biz for about 25 years, starting in NY, then got into it in a big way when I moved to New Mexico, and have been here in FL for 19 years. It sounds like you've got a grip on what needs to be done with the various lease option strategies we use, but feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Happy to help.
  8. Hey, I've been in and out of real estate for about 20 years. It's been some years now that i haven't been involved. I've recently been doing some marketing in palm beach county and broward county. Lease options and subject to will be primary strategy. I'm looking for someone to do deals with as i work full time. Send me a message anytime. I know how to put deals together, but it would be great to have someone with some experience to partner with. I can also wholesale contracts to you. I'm open to anything. Contact me anytime. Thanks. Glenn
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