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  1. West Nile? Pilot I am sure you have something medically worse than that...It probably rymes with 'Shlurpies'... Happy Hour started early today.
  2. Ha! We better send the IT guys over to his basement STAT, to block all the web cam sites!! This forum will turn into a ghost town like Myspace...
  3. I clicked on 'Chat' and I waited for the cougar Web Cam girl to lure me in with her charm, charisma, wit, and her school teacher outfit...however, she never appeared?? Stupid broken web cam chat features...I am going back to LiveJasmin.
  4. Ooops! If I 'Like' my own reply...I am pretty sure that is like giving myself a high five.
  5. I'm sure you've heard that about your files. . .and nothing else. (How long before Jake Duvall comes running to this thread?)I'm assuming some photo files? They have to be pretty damn big not to be accepted. Are you posting murals? Or just screwing up? The big, bad Admin is here to help, Johnny. Sorry I am late...I got stuck in a toaster. Long story. Anyway, Pilot has only heard that about his abnormally sized feet...I have seen his 'Filing System'. It's just a tissue box next to his keyboard.
  6. WHEEE, indeed! And I thought you and Jake were BFFs. Seriously MC...I feel so violated. And he didn't even buy me dinner first. Well actually he kinda did. And some whiskey shots. Just no flowers... Well by now Jackson has probably been in the Costa Rican jail for at least a few hours for asking a 17 year old girl to marry him...or is that legal there? Either way I am sure he is in prison. Only he can take a country where prostitution and just about anything else is legal, yet he will find some way to break the law... Hopefully he got a relly nice cellmate.
  7. To clarify...it wan't Jello, it was Greek Yogurt. Because Bill Cosby creeps me out Seriously, how did that picture get up?? It wasn't me. I know less about computers than Jackson...and he is from Texass. Good thing it wasn't a picture of me in my birthday suit with an apple pie. Speaking of my Birthday suit...I am going to be 29 in two weeks. Just half of Jackson's age... 'Grandpa John' Sounds like an old country song...
  8. He said come to Jesus meeting. Is that where...nevermind. The grass is greener on the otherside.. I used to live in the San Jose - Bay Area (500k median home price) the RE market there is actually not bad compared to other parts of the country. Therefore, I couldn't get anyone to allow me to Lease Purchase their house even if I gave them all the Option money and threw in a goat. Why would they when they don't need a 'Plan B'? Also, the 500k properties only rent for $2,000 per month. Not even close to what the T/B mortgage payment will be when they try and get financing with taxes/insurance... I am not saying it is impossible...Anything is possible...Pilot is flying to Costa Rica on an X2 Power Flyer...
  9. His mommy wrote him a note...he has 'pink eye'.
  10. Hey I never said I was Italian...I said I was Irish. http://presspresser.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Irish-Obama-Tambapress.com_.jpg
  11. Liquor cabinet? Not me. I would've groped the flight attendant in the galley. Speaking of, I ran into Jake on Bourbon St last week during a quickie trip to New Orleans. He's quite fetching as a female impersonator. That is my side business... "Jake's Snake" for hire....
  12. That only happened once coming back from Vegas...Those Orange & Purple pills were suppossed to be sleeping pills. Little did I know they would make me bat shit crazy.
  13. Both days are good for me. I'll bring the beer
  14. 'enema domain'...sounds like a horror movie staring Britney Spears...
  15. Wow. There really is a "Like" button...That was fast. "Waitress can I get some hot wings, a 40oz of Old English, 1 shot of Patron, and an air horn that sounds like a taco truck..."
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