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  1. I think you've hit the nail right on the head. And don't forget about all the squirrels looking for a free ride as well.
  2. Ok. That makes sense and that is exactly what I did. Looks like I may have my first CA shortly, then I start marketing for a T/B. Thanks again for the help. Mike
  3. Let me try again. In the Residential Lease Agreement as well as the Short Offer form, there is a place to put the beginning and ending of the lease period. If you don't have your T/B yet, what do I put in here for the date? Thanks for your help. Mike
  4. Got it. One more question. For the beginning and ending of the option period, can we put TBD or To BE Determined there, or are we actually putting in a date for some time in the future? Mike
  5. I’m working on a CA deal and I’ve got a couple of questions regarding the paperwork. On the Short Offer form, item #5 is the same as the option period you’re working out with the T/B? Item #6 is the token payment of $1.00 to the seller? What is #9 used for? Is this to allow myself time to find the T/B? Looking at the residential agreement, how do I fill in #1 without the T/B yet? I’m assuming that this and the option to purchase agreement are filled out with the seller before I start to market the property. Thanks in advance. Mike
  6. Hi all. After buying Michael's book several months ago and lurking around this forum for quite some time, I finally kicked myself in the arse and made a move. I started e-mailing FSBO's from craigslist and rec'd several maybe's and one "interested". I followed up the "interested" with a second e-mail that included the LPA and rec'd a reply with some basic questions. After I gathered up some courage I made the phone call, got some basic information and now I'll be sending over a short offer. I know it's not a deal yet but it's a small victory for me anyway. I also need to say that without the encouragement, wisdom, information, and humor from Michael C. and the rest of the people that contribute to this forum, I may have never taken this small step. So a heartfelt thanks to all.
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