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  1. I just sold two houses... Two days!! 15k on a $130k sale... and 5k on a 65k sale... You do exactly like I lay it out in that manual.... The perimeter bandit signs you.. put where people go to work, go to eat, go to shop... High Traffic is the key...
  2. Hey Dennis... What yield you looking for... You brokering? or looking for your own portfolio..
  3. I'm actually setting up shop to do deals in knoxville area of Tn....
  4. I don 't do lease options/purchase or rent to own... I always do straight owner financing with a note and Deed of Trust just like a bank would... Waaaaaaaay back when I did... Rent to own was the lower end crowd... Lease Purchase was the higher end crowd... Answer the phone live either by you or someone you trust to make a deal happen... (employee etc) Once you have spent the money to drive the traffic to the house... why would you ever turn that person over to a voicemail or service that doesnt care one hoot about you getting the house sold.... They are in front of the house... it's time to sell a house.. And with a typical deal being worth 20k plus... That should be one aspect of your business that you don't drop the ball on....
  5. hmmmm..... Completely disagree.... The seller (motivated seller) You are looking for.... Should be... A. Chasing you B. Likely hasn't thought about selling as option until they receieved or have seen your marketing.... and then the AHA happens and they think.. Hey.. they will buy my house and that will sovle my problem... If you chase sellers... A. the positioning is wrong... B. They have likely already spent the equity...
  6. Typically most HOA's ban signs... To overcome that... put them int he windows of the houses... and use directionals... I have a complete step by step PDF that I created for a marketing seminar where folks paid several thousand to attend.. It's the step by step of how to sell houses really fast... it will get you around the HOA Here's the direct link... http://www.banditsigns.com/downloads/eliminate.pdf It's a 3 step process... Perimeter signs - about 25 of them.. (blank and handwritten work well for this, blanks cost you less than $2 bucks) Directionals - about a dozen of them plus stakes (they will cost you about $3 with the stakes) And then in the windows and front yard of the house (those will cost you around $5 each and you just need 2 or 3) Anyway the details are in that PDF... its the system I use and have been using to sell houses since 2003... All my houses sell in less than 2 weeks... So, the answer is handwritten away from the house.. and printed directionals and printed at the house!! Combination of both... Cheers..
  7. There isnt a single case out there where a real estate company has been branded a dealer... Its most often the accountant labeling you as a dealer instead of revamping your entities and structure due to lack of knowledge... on how to dance around it...
  8. There are We Buy Houses specials at Banditsigns.com for $169 And a two color special with flourescent ink for I think.. $1.99 That's the bandit sign I'm using...
  9. hmmm... We offer them on terms and sell them... Tons of buyers in this market looking for deals... and if the numbers are right... ie.. the interest rate is lower... You can still make money on the front and back end... by creating a wraparound loan...
  10. The model I currently Use now... Sub3.... I've never had a single law suit.. (knock on wood) Sub2... was a pain in the ass.... As far as yield spread... My cash flow increases each year... My yields on equity or typically.. 12% - 45%... until cash out... Its been about 1 in 50 properties that I get back have any problems... But, I don't get many back.. less than 5%... and of those... only half that we have to actually foreclose on... And no... my set up is... we don't have to make payments either... Its a business decision.. plain and simple.., Took me a while to figure that out... Me... I got burned on the headache of owning property and being a landlord... Those I often did get back in disrepair... when someone only puts down a few thousand... they are more likely to try and get it back for some reason.. or so it seemed... or try to drag out the evictions... different when there plan is to own the house...
  11. If you understand "time value of money" You can buy a property with little equity.... wrap it... and in 2 - 5 years.. Create monster equity... because of the yield spread... So, you work to get your created equity out of the properties and into cash... Cash - equity - cash I get approx 25 - 35% per year to cash out...
  12. Mine are usually priced a hair below market... Starting with a low 7.9% interest rate... and then rising 1% per year.. to stimulate a refinance... Just for me... owning property eventually bites you in the ass... So, I'd rather just own the paper...
  13. You can't refi L/O's... You can't refi what you don't own... It's a purchase... Wow... just learned something new... It's been since 2001 since I had rentals.. (well had a few left up until last year) In 2005 the fed law changed not allowing BK to affect landlords... that's good news... Still doesn't want to make me go back to wanting to be a land lord...
  14. Shar... A simple system to move houses fast... It's been working like a charm for me... for the last... 8 years... http://www.banditsigns.com/downloads/eliminate.pdf You don't always get the perfect choice of what houses you buy... But, you can market the hell out of them every time.. That's the secret sauce in this business... learning how to move houses fast...
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