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  1. Yes it's on biggerpockets too. I'm coldcalling them and most of the properties do not have address information, though I could probably get that through the property manager, thanks
  2. I'm marketing to landlords and oftentimes (50%+) I run into a property manager. I ask if I can talk to the owner and they (obviously) turn me down. Do you guys know any good tactics for getting past the property managers?
  3. It sounds legitimate to me if you think about it. If you don't set a price and you as the seller agree to sell the house, what happens if there's no agreement on price? It makes sense that it's a required term.
  4. How do you guys respond to the seller objecting to locking in a price right away? He told me he didn't want to decide on the price now because he didn't know where the market would be in 2 years. This is not the 1st time I've heard this either.
  5. I'm calling FRBOs (For rent by owner) so it makes sense that they feel in the control position with this.. I'll try what you suggested, thanks
  6. I had a couple appointments today and both sellers insisted on using their own lease contracts in the deal. I'd rather use my own lease for obvious reasons, but how do you guys get the seller, who is normally the screener, to accept your agreements instead of his?
  7. After the house is under contract there is no problem; it's just when I make the initial contact the homeowner seemed to want the buyer's details. I wasn't at the point where I could safely give them so I told them I'd be representing them until we had an agreement in place and the terms worked out.
  8. If I have a tenant/buyer lined up and the seller keeps asking about him, can I tell the seller that I'll be representing him, or is that "agency"?
  9. I haven't done it yet so this is just theory, but I plan to make the offer over the phone subject to inspection, and then get out of the deal if the inspector or tenant/buyer disapproves of the property condition
  10. Hi; I've never used a local classified for anything, only craigslist. Do you guys find they still draw a decent response, or are they history at this point?
  11. As someone who's looking to make offers over the phone I'm taking a hard look at docusign.com to email my documents and have them signed electronically. echosign.com is another popular alternative. The good side is it avoids messy faxing back and forth; the downside is it requires basic computer literacy which may be unworkable with a segment of the population. For anyone who's used these services, have you even encountered a buyer or seller who couldn't or didn't want to use them?
  12. Hi; Is it possible to do deals entirely over the phone, and just send inspectors and property showers to the house? It seems like it would be doable to me but I may be missing something.
  13. They're not thinking rationally right now so work them through the consequences of their actions: "You do understand that if you force this restriction, the T/B will walk away, you'll lose $x immediately and $y in additional lost rent, etc." PS: Why is this clause even in place? Did you allow the seller to write the lease?
  14. Hi: I'm seeing a lot of deals in low population areas of 5000 to 20,000 people or so. I'm tempted to lock up the house and try to lease option it, but to be honest I'm not confident in my ability to fill the property. Are there any special precautions you guys take when dealing in properties in sparsely populated areas?
  15. When I first learned of lease options I remember reading that even US government programs used or provided financing for them. Now I'm try to google this to find the details, but am coming up short. Anyone know what programs are out there that either use lease options or support/subsidize them?
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