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  1. I live in chi-town . The original agreement was $200.00 a month for storage in the garage. However I allowed to use my entire basement because all of her items wouldn't fit. After two days she saw that the basement was livable because of the two bedrooms and full bath. I told her that I would be needing the space for my sons to sleep and will be rotating them down there. The agreement was for thirty days not (four months). Recently, the police kicked in the door to the basement because her son had a be be gun and the boys in the area were shooting out windows. We had words and I asked her to move she said on 8-26-04 she would be gone which I new it was a lie. I received $150.00 from her for August and don't expect to see any more. If legally, on Monday I will be posting a note on the door giving her 24 hours to move if not I will change the locks and possibly have her things thrown out. The agreement was for thirty days. No receipts given.
  2. How do you evict someone who is living in your basement apartment that is not rentable. The agreement was for her to store but she wanted to move in for 30 days and now it has turned into 4 months. I need the space for my boys who are currently living in my rental unit on first floor apartment. I have taken money for storage which was agreed upon moving in $200.00. I went up an additional $100.00. Will I have to take this person to court in order to evict them there is no lease in place. I also contacted the light company to disconnect the lights. Please help!
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