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  1. fanelli19, Out of curiosity, who or what program is using that contract. Feel free to message me off the board if you would like. Thanks, TAT
  2. TAT

    Voicemail Script

    That I have Jon...that I have.
  3. TAT

    Voicemail Script

    I am curious as to what you guys have on your voicemail when TB call in. Anyone want to share verbatim? Thanks, TAT
  4. "Buy out amount" when seller trys to back out of the deal (Like in jhanson8's last deal). I would assume you would have an amount in mind when drafting the agreement between you and the seller.
  5. That's how I do it but I go deeper than that to protect my privacy from the homeowner's curiosity (which causes greed on some of them). Here's what I do, aside from only showing the basic information on CL (lease, credit and a different picture than the one they had on CL), I also put the link to my website for people to click so they can see ALL the details (option money, more pictures, city, etc)... Of course anybody can click to view this information, but if the homeowner happens to see my ad, he won't be able to access my website when he clicks on the link because I always block their ID from accessing my sites. I do this intentionally to avoid any of what you went through recently. (greed from the owner). Blocking their IP is the very first thing I do when I put a house under contract, and is all for a good cause. BEV! Bev, Could you go into more detail as to how you go about block the sellers IP address. How do you get it in the first place? Thanks, TAT
  6. How are you guys determining the buy out amount? What if you find someone that has more to put down than the buy out amount. Does this now become a concern having the two parties communicating?
  7. I realize in the beginning when you are first negotiating the terms with the seller, telling them you don't know how much is pretty easy. More my question is ...since you let the seller decide which TB is acceptable, don't they then ask how much they are putting down? At that point to say I do not know would seem a bit shady. How do you keep them from getting greedy and trying to cut you out.
  8. MC, I assume some sellers ask you how much the TB is paying you for the assignment fee? How do you deal with that question, especially if it is a lot of $? TAT
  9. Yeah. That's what I'm going to do, seeing that I already have like...4 accounts forwarded to my main gmail account. So they'll only have access to 1 of those 4. Thanks for looking out. No problem. Anytime. Thanks for the insights as well.
  10. I'm looking to implement this very model here soon myself. I do second your advice for those that have yet to do any deals to do a couple or so themselves, so they know the ins and outs...paperwork...processes, etc. No need to have others do it if you don't know what to do yourself. A few questions though: 1. Are you having your virtual assistant "filter" any ads when they're marketing? Or are you having them blast any and all FSBO/FRBO ads they find in your general area? 2. I'm thinking of sharing a gmail account that both me and my VA can access, are you doing something like this? How are the leads sent/shared between the 2 of you? 3. Do you use any type of agreement with your local assistant? Thanks! Jason, FYI---One suggestion about sharing a gmail account...you might want to set up a master account and have it forwarded to the virtual assistant or to a shared account. That way if you end your relationship with them, they cant change the password and you lose all the saved emails and you can better track incoming mail.
  11. I don't know if it's a man/woman thing or not, but I find that when I aggressively refuse to answer questions it instantly turns off the seller. My experience as well. If I replied to any homeowner down here like that, I have no doubt I would first be cursed out and then hung up on. Michael, Not to hijack the thread, but on the topic of wording...what do you say to the TB as to not being the owner? TAT
  12. Hey jhanson8, Thanks for your input. I have done a several LO and have gotten my buyers qualified every time. As you pointed out about the shady deals... which is why I was asking the question. I have yet to do a CA, but thinking about it and wouldn't want to fall in that category.
  13. To Michael & those of you that have been doing CA for awhile...how well do you qualify the TB you are dealing with? Being that you are stepping out of the deal, does it matter to you one way or the other...or will you only assign to someone who has a high degree of getting financing? (and if so what degree) Thanks, TAT
  14. I think you might be wrong. My accountant said it shouldn't be a problem to do the direct deposit. I have not done one yet though, so I will keep you posted. I did find IRS Form 8888 (http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8888.pdf) which you can use for direct deposit into one or more accounts. I hope I am wrong, but I don't think so. Form 8888 does not reference Form 1040x which is used for amendments and there is no place on the 1040x for direct deposits. Either way, do keep me posted.
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