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  1. Hi Everybody, Thank you for taking a read. I emailed an owner to see if he would rent-to-own. He talked to his lawyer and said it would be preferable for both parties to do a land contract. I found out they have two mortgages on the property and are selling it at break even. Is there any creative way I can get into this place without paying the whole monthly mortgage payment? Should I keep pursuing this lead? Thanks! Sam
  2. Hello everybody, Thank you for checking my post. I was curious if setting up a Series LLC is beneficial in regards to investing through lease purchases and/or if it is even viable as a way to protect your interest and personal assets. Also, I read that a single-member LLC is not beneficial in regards to protecting personal/business assets. Would this apply to a Series LLC? I know Series LLC are fairly new and untested in court, but should I be setting my LLC as a Series to protect each individual property from one another? Thank you for your help! Samuel
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