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Found 1 result

  1. I mentioned in another thread that I hate not shooting straight so I thought I would write up an ad for craigslist to attract potential tenant-buyers so I can build a buyers list, one where I don't play pretend about having tons of properties available right now. Here's something I wrote for possibly posting on craigslist as an advertisement Now this might be too long and self indulgent, maybe it's better to be an article on my website or something. Anything inaccurate? ANY AND ALL CRITIQUE IS SOUGHT! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Still Working On Your Credit? Allow Me To Help You Own Your Own Home With The Lease Purchase Alternative Hi, I'm Max Mattenson. I'd like to tell you a little about myself and what I'm doing here, and how I can help you buy a nice house in a nice neighborhood. More than half a year ago I became obsessed with creative real estate investing and decided a few months ago that this is the business I want to be in. I noticed that a vast majority of people who get into the real estate business are using the traditional buy and hold method, aka renting out to tenants. I've been a tenant nearly all my life, and I can say one thing with great conviction: the only thing I hate more than being a tenant is the idea of being a landlord! Just ask most landlords how fun their job is I've always hated apartments, and rent. In my childhood I lived in a house for about 6 years (NOT rented), and in many ways these were the best years of my life. Nothing could compare with being truly alone when my parents were gone from the house, no other tenants in other units banging around, falling asleep in the back yard on a warm summer afternoon, being surrounded by 8 foot tall bushes. When living in a rental there's always that feeling that someone can just come in at any time with a 24 hour notice (which can be left late in the evening the day before, or even early in the morning the same day, who's gonna challenge it). A rental is never a home, not really. Go ahead, try making your rental a home when your landlord can decide at any time to sell the property to someone else, or not renew your lease at their whim. Try modifying the house or making improvements. If the landlord doesn't approve, tough luck. Hell, maybe you have the best landlord in the world (yes, these mythical creatures do exist out there), but situations change and the currents of fate may take this landlord away from you. I have my own dream of owning my own house. Almost every day I hold an image in my mind of the house I want. The neighborhood, the configuration, what I will do with all the rooms, what my daily life will be like living there. I've never had any type of lucrative career, having lost interest in all endeavors rather quickly. But the more I get into the creative real estate business, the more I can't imagine doing anything else for a living, even after experiencing some severe ups and downs in this business. A couple months after I discovered creative real estate, I found a teacher who specializes in lease options, also known as rent to own, renting to buy, or lease purchasing. He's been in real estate for over 40 years, and specialized in lease options for 20 years. My mentor is personally handling the deals I bring to him and walking me through every step of the process so I can eventually do deals on my own. Lease options have been around for decades, used across the nation, for the benefit of sellers, buyers and investors alike. (we call this win/win/win) AND YET... despite all the advantages lease purchasing has over conventional house selling, there is still far more demand for them than there is supply. For proof of this, just check your local housing market! I want to help you stop renting, and start RENTING TO OWN your own house with the lease purchase alternative. If you have the income to move into a house but your credit still needs work to qualify for a mortgage, I can help you secure a house now instead of months or years from now. Perhaps you'd prefer to shop around for better mortgage terms at your leisure without losing out on your chosen house (why let the banks have the power?). As a prospective home owner I'm sure you've noticed, virtually every house available on the market has only two ways you can move in: conventional purchase, or rent. Purchasing a house through the traditional route isn't working very well for many people in the market. Just ask the house sellers how many years their property has been for sale! There are many prospective home buyers out there who can afford a house, but simply cannot get a loan yet, or can only get a loan on awful terms. My job is to help people secure a house with a lease + option to purchase while they work on their credit, shop around for the best mortgage, or simply try before they buy. We'll structure the term of your lease option to give you plenty of time to build your credit to acquire a mortgage and purchase the house in full. All you have to do is stick to the gameplan that you work out with our mortgage broker to get your credit where it needs to be. Guess what? If I can't help people lease purchase houses, I can't move into my dream home either. If I can help perhaps 10-15 individuals or families move into their own home using the lease purchase alternative, and begin turning this venture into a smooth running business, then I will be in a good position to do the same for myself. By the way, when the time comes for me to move into my own home, chances are I'm going to be using a lease purchase to get it! Can you see why I love this business? Here's how you can help me help you. If you're interested in exploring the possibility of purchasing a house on a lease option, please go to my website and take a minute to fill out a simple form, submit the form, and you will be added to my buyers list. Having a good list of buyers in the area really helps me to get properties under contract from sellers to lease option. I can't put on my wizard hat and wave a magic wand to make houses suddenly appear out of nowhere. We need sellers to do lease option deals, and if they know there are good buyers out there looking for a home in their area, buyers who I'm personally dealing with, they will be much more interested in doing a deal with me. More houses under contract = more houses to sell on lease purchase, instead of traditionally = more opportunities for you. As a member of my buyers list, you will be the first to know when I have a property under contract that matches your criteria. It only takes a couple minutes of your time to join my list, it costs nothing and there is no obligation whatsoever. You don't have to enter tons and tons of information at this juncture (that can be done once you've chosen to lease purchase a specific house I have available). Ahh, one last thing... After you've joined my buyers list... there's one more thing you can do to help me find you a house. ASK ME WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP ME HELP YOU FIND A HOUSE! My success is your success! Remember, it never hurts to explore the possibilities!
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