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What This Forum Is, and Isn't

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We are pleased to now offer our members another new forum to further provide information in our respective real estate dealings.

Member Dave T has generously offered to share his time and his experience with tax related issues, and moderate this forum.

I need to make clear a few important points. First, Dave T is not a CPA, nor an attorney. He is, however, an experienced investor and very knowledgeable source of information on taxes and real estate. His knowledge about these matters is based on that experience. The opinions of the moderator are just that, his opinions. They are intended to provide accurate information regarding the subject matter being discussed. Information shared is done so with the understanding that neither Dave T, The Naked Investor, nor anyone replying is engaged in rendering legal, tax, or other professional services. If legal, tax, or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.


Last, we'd like to sum up the Tax Strategies Forum with this:

I strongly endorse the eminent Jurist Learned Hand who said "tax avoidance is a constitutional right". It is my belief that the Government should only take the legal minimum in taxes. In this forum, we will endeavor to provide income tax information for the real estate investor in the hope that we can assist you in maximizing your after tax profits.

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