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We ALL HAVE clients for other types of ventures, WHO SHOULD BE "converted" to this to achieve/obtain their original goal with less qualifications, requirements, expenses, fees, time, inspections, surveys, appraisals, loan interest payback, etc. It's MUCH faster & MUCH MORE profitable than risky note investment returns, and MUCH FASTER to obtain funding w/out the HUGE interest payback, etc. Besides, those other types of ventures often waste your time and the client's time -- i.e. someone tries to borrow 500m for a project, the bank requires many hoops, this goes on for a year, then the client decides after a year he's done and won't produce any more docs -- so everyone just spent a year and did not make a cent. Clients needing 20m--1B in funding for a project can achieve it thru a PPP. They won't have to pay back 100s of millions in interest on a loan, or spend a year's time, or pay $100s of $1000s in inspections, surveys, appraisals for the bank -- and the bank still may no loan them the money!!! Also, clients who want to invest 100s of millions in RISKY notes, should be steered to invest in PPP that has no risk along with 100s of % better returns! PPP is faster, no fees, no appraisals/inspections/surveys, less paperwork, easier, more safe, astounding profits for brokers and the client - that far exceed other deals. Just keep in mind that many of your clients/deals can achieve their goals better/easier/faster/more profitable/cheaper through a PPP. We're talking 2-3 weeks in many cases, versus years for someone to obtain $500m in funding.

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