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Bustin' my fellow Realtors.....

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Over the past week, I've busted 4 local Realtors who have been posting their listings on Craigslist without disclosing their license and brokerage. (I'm kinda feeling like Dirty Harry meets the CIA (Craiglister Investigating Agent)) :angry:


I sent them a message asking straight up if this is the homeowner or the listing agent. They responded "i'm the agent".


I then follow up with a nice little paragraph:


Code of Ethics and Standards

of Practice, National

Association of REALTORS®


Article 12

REALTORS® shall be careful at all times to present a true picture in their advertising and representations to the public. REALTORS® shall also ensure that their professional status (e.g., broker, appraiser, property manager, etc.) or status as REALTORS® is clearly identifiable in any such advertising.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


In marketing properties, REALTORS® use advertising to inform the public about listings and to induce interest in them. REALTORS® are obligated to present a “true picture” in their advertising and in all representations to the public. A “true picture” is truthful, accurate advertising, and nothing less. Descriptions that go beyond “puffing” may mislead the public. Statistics indicating a REALTOR®’s sales volume and comparisons with other firms can be impressive, but if they are inaccurate, untrue, or misleading, their use injures the public and violates Article 12.


REALTORS® must always disclose their status as real estate professionals in their advertisements. This may be accomplished by including the terms “REALTOR®,” “REALTORS®,” or “REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®,” or by disclosing their status as a licensed broker, appraiser, property manager, or other real estate professional.


In advertising listed property, REALTORS® must also disclose the name of their firm so that the public will be aware that they are dealing with the property owner’s agent. Further, the REALTOR® must ensure that all brokers and salespeople affiliated with the firm include the firm’s name in their advertisements of listed properties.




One good thing out of all this is that I'm starting to learn the code of ethics and real estate license law inside and out! :D

It will make me a better Investor/Realtor in the future.



(((WestCoastGirl))).......I just saw your Ted Truitt link! I haven't laughed that hard in a while! :angry:



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Darin, what kind of reaction are you getting from the "perps" once the light of justice is shining down on them?

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They are telling me that "yea....i thought it would come up and look like....um.... Zillow....".


I then tell them that they are on my radar and are a "person of interest"! Fool me once...shame on you. Fool me twice....I call the Real Estate Commission.

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