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Your Marketing Campaign Spreadsheet with Speculative Lead/Deal #s

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A quick overview of the spread sheet:

--This can be used to calculate a month's long campaign

--Users enter in their tactics (postcards, flyers, etc) and then the cost per use

--Users then design their campaign over 4 weeks

--Totals for cost and material #s are then reported at the bottom


Then it gets interesting:

--the financing section is something I designed for use with my AE express plum card. it tells me what my 30 day payment is, and what my 60 day payment is so I can maintain use of free money

--by entering a capture rate one can see how many leads they will generate per tactic (I use 3% for postcards)

--the conversion rate, is your measure as an investor. what percent of the leads are you able to convert to deals? I used a conservative 5%

--finally, enter your average cash now, cash monthly, and cash later for deals in your area to see what you're gonna make.


I want to see other's thoughts what their capture rate, and conversion rates are.




Click the link below, and then select Download As from the upper left corner.


The link to the spreadsheet:


--->select File>Download As to save it to your computer so you can edit it


Best of luck with your late summer-fall campaigns.


Oh, and what do you think of mine?



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Interesting sheet of data you've created, Nick, but way too involved for this old fossil. I prefer to keep things simple and quick and let the numbers take care of themselves.

Oh, well. It's Saturday afternoon. Time to crank the stereo. . .



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hahahahahahaahahahaha was that reeeealllly only 40 something years ago Michael???? I'll bet at LEAST half the people here don't know what that is. . . sigh

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hi, i am at a loss on how to use door hangers, and brochures to market for lease options. If i see a person sure i will hand him one, but how do you utilize them in a larger scale?


these are slightly more expensive than flyers, so i assume you don't just pick an area and start distribute them. what is the target audience here?


any guide on this?


EDIT: NVM, found answers. All questions that I have someone else had. great stuff.

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