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  1. Okay, first congrats Christine... Second, I'm confused, are you guys asking me where I post these ads since those are my words or are you asking someone else...I'm tired
  2. Just got a small bit confused. Your buyer is your "partner"? So just to be clear, you obtained the property through a 100% LTV at 70%? Not sure if I understand that one. Then after you purchased it, you refi'd it at 90%? I'm guessing you had no out of pocket money in this transaction? So you use the actual numbers from the house and put them into your equation: You bought the house for what and how did the loan numbers work. Then you refi'd the house at what exact amount since it was worth what... That would be helpful.
  3. Adam, You've got some numbers for everyone yet?
  4. Adam, Fair enough, thanks. So here's some more questions. Did you do all the work yourself, if not, what work did you sub out and what did it cost you per contractor, etc? Also, regarding the property, how long before you refi'd and what were the terms of the refi (percent LTV, payment per month, etc)? I think it would benefit people to understand what they are able to do with properties besides just hold them in terms of getting money out and then worry about renting them out, etc. I am taking it that you don't mind losing some money every month on the renting since you've already made money and will make money I'm guessing on the option when it's purchased, plus the option money? Thanks and nice work. I'll post my rehab/LO next week.
  5. Adam, So $5K is all this took? Adam, please take a second to explain how (and what) you did all of this exactly for $5 grand. Also explain exactly how you setup each dealing, meaning purchase them and what are your numbers looking. And last, explain what you mean by leveraging the down payment, etc for everyone to learn. Best,
  6. Of course I make a good point Yeah, I just know that often people are able to learn by reading through a scenario and understand it more fully. Just let me know what your excuse will be and I'll let you know what mine is for not calling you
  7. Craig, Thanks for the nice words, appreciate them. Regarding the logo, the logo is not meant to attract the sellers, it's meant to make the seller's feel more comfortable which is why it is more blue themed. Now my signs and marketing on the other hand incorporates my blue as well as yellows and reds for attraction and emphasis. Thanks again, Chris
  8. I completely understand what you are saying and don't care about the abrasiveness, but what I am trying to get across is that it all comes down to marketing, area, and the person doing the deals. I don't know how else to say this. It takes a person on average about 7-8 of seeing a piece of marketing before it sinks in or they act on it, plus depending on who the mailing is sent to and what times of year, etc factors in a ton. There are places in the world where bandit signs make a killing and there are places where newspapers ads are the only way to go, etc. My stuff works ONLY because I know my market, have good marketing techniques and go after the people I want. This DOES NOT mean my stuff would work in your market unless you have exactly the same demographics, market appreciation, home sales, age levels, and mind set. That is why so many people get varied results with courses like Carlton Sheets, etc all over the country because it all depends on the market and who else is already doing the same thing. BUT what I can tell you is what I know and what can improve dramatically your results. First one - color. Yep, color is the number psychological factor in a sign, in a response. You wouldn't be interested in a car you absolutely love if it was pink, you wouldn't eat a green steak even if it was supposed to be amazing, and you wouldn't pay attention to a "We Buy Houses" red and yellow sign if you are used to seeing these signs all over and all the time. So first you need to study up on color and how it affects peoples decisions. Second one - Psychology. The other huge factor. Human emotion is involved with every single decision you make, especially emotional ones. And buying/selling any type of property is an emotional decision for most of the people you will work with. So, if you really want to be effective and really get all the good deals you want, you HAVE to figure out what exactly is your target market. Who are you exactly trying to attract? What is their age? What problems are they having? What would stop them from calling you? What reservations could they possibly have? Do they instantly view your ads as a possible scam? All this leads you to understanding exactly who you are going after. If you don't want to do this, then you won't get good leads and easier deals, plain and simple. It's like hunting or fishing or golf for that matter. In any one of these sports, you HAVE to know the fish you are going after, what it likes, what it eats, when it sleeps, what it is afraid of, etc. If you don't know this then all you are doing is sticking a hook into the water. Same with golf, you have to know the terrain, know how you hit each club to understand exactly how to approach each shot. So in a sense you have to become and know your target in order to effectively market towards them. Pick up a couple good psychology and marketing books and go to town, you'll learn a ton. Third one - Effective repetition. Huh? It means that you effectively hit your target over and over again and the right times. Enough to not annoy them and spread apart so you are reinforcing their thoughts over time, not all at once. When do you people sell the most houses? When do people NOT sell the most houses in your area? What types of houses and areas are not moving so fast, etc? Most ads on TV and print are usually geared toward a specific purpose or time AND over and over again to retain in your memory. Convertible ads in the summer, vacation packages in the winter, diet fads in the spring and summer, blockbuster movies in December. They all have a purpose and they are all done effectively over and over again with specific intervals and certain areas to hit right target over and over. You want to hit your target over and over again but at the right times to keep you fresh in their mind somehow when they DO decide they need you. Fourth One - Knowing what the heck you are doing. I could throw 10 deals at a newbie and 99% of the time they wouldn't have a clue what to do. What good is a lead if you don't know what to do with it? The reason that people can't get great deals is that often they don't know how to create them. If you get 20 people calling you, then obviously they are interested and if you can't make deals out of least 5 of them then you need to work on your understanding of what you are doing and learn more until you get it right. If you are calling them, different story, that takes real skill to turn a cold lead into a hot one...but if you get people calling you? Man, there is no reason that at least 50% or more of those leads should be deals...no reason. But again, if your marketing is effective and to the point and targeted to who you want, then those calls are already motivated and prescreened customers. And to be truthful, there are hundreds of people out there who will tell you they have the best way to attract this or attract that...but the honest truth is that if you don't know who you are attracting and why and what you are going to do with them, then your efforts are wasted completely. You are essentially pissing away time and money. Learn your market, learn your customer, and learn your approach....you will be deadly. Be the ball Danny, be the ball.
  9. Thanks and understood. Direct mail, especially saturation mailings can be very, very good if done right and for cheap.
  10. That was my post, which brings me to a good point. Michael, is there anyway that it tells us we have to log in before we can post something? I think it would make more sense if everyone had to log in or have an account before posting, save a lot of trouble if you ask me. Just my two cents
  11. Hey trust me...Ohio ain't no picnic. You don't exactly hear people going, "Hey, where should we go for our summer vacation...Yay!!! Ohio!!!!" The farther away I can get from here the better, I want the west coast. Tell you what though, nothing better than a Jersey sub...oh man, what I would do for a Jersey sub.
  12. Hahahah, North Jersey and South Jersey is the like North Korea and South Korea....one place is great and one place I wouldn't exact want to be caught alone in I never understood why they call it the garden state till I stayed in South Jersey. It's gorgeous, farms forever and so many frickin nursery's. I consider North Jersey part of New York anyway...it's like New York's overflow house. But all in all, it's still an interesting place.
  13. First...hey Second, can I offer one bit of advice...you know...that opinion stuff? You may have already purchased the Vistaprint cards with the "We Buy Houses" stuff, but even if you did...DON'T! If you are serious about Lease Optioning/CA's, etc then don't put yourself into the We Buy Houses crowd, in fact, don't even associate yourself with them. Personally, that drops you down a level in regards to credibility and deals you do. If you are doing LO's or SLO's or CA's (I'm lovin these acronyms by the way) then I suggest to make your cards, marketing, etc attract the people with those type of deals. Things like "CAN'T SELL YOUR HOUSE?" or "WHAT IF YOUR HOUSE WON'T SELL?" or "HOUSE DIDN'T SELL, NOW WHAT?" It's these types of phrases and marketing that will bring in the type of people that you want to attract and already prequalify them for these types of deals. I really should show you guys the pictures of my business cards...but that will cost you money But basically it is a double sided business card that has information to attract seller's on one side and info to attract tenants on the other side. It's perfect, it works great and it get's the point across. There is no reason to have your phone ringing off the hook if half or more than half the calls you can't do anything with. It's better (IMO) to have the phone ringing to deals that are more geared toward you and that you can work with. Hope that makes some sense, again just my two cents but I want you (as the other do) to do well. Oh yeah, where in South Jerz you from? Only reason I ask is that my grandparents live in Bridgeton on a farm...great place, you'd never think you were in Jersey.
  14. Umm...not to cause any uproar here, but my opinion of Claude is completely different. I called him to ask a very basic question, even told him I was once a student of MC's and the first thing he said was, "Are you willing to pay for my time?" I said, "what?" He said "is your question important enough to pay for my time?" So I said, "not really, evidently you're not the man I heard your were" End of conversation. Just had to put that out there, I thought it was kind of interesting and pretty much helped me make up my opinions of him. This by the way was about two weeks ago.
  15. Michael, Appreciate the response. Exactly how would you think about using a private lender to make this work as a partner? Email me off the boards when you get a chance so I can ask you some more questions. Thanks, Christian chris@tpsgonline.com
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