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  1. Just Picked up another 90 day option. This time a little closer to home and a workable selling price (235k). I have a list of 8 or 9 looking in this price range. Maybe I'll get lucky and wont have to market at all. Its a 4/2 that was all redone by a contractor, roof and all. Its a good deal for somebody. All the sub-prime loan people are trying to get out of the fix there in. Well, like Dino used to say "keep them cards and letters comin" Bill
  2. Steve, Doug is right on the money with his advice, by padding his purchase price to the end RETAIL buyer! However, the ONLY way it will work without a hitch when assigning a contract for a referral fee is when you assign it to an an ACTUAL INVESTOR. They understand what they are and how they quantify to their bottom line -- A GOOD DEAL! Meaning, they will be more than willing to pay you a $5,0000, $10,000 (or whatever fee you think it's worth) assignment fee ESPECIALLY if they KNOW that they are getting the property WAY BELOW MARKET VALUE! A typical RETAIL buyer, will usually say, NO WAY MAN! They just don't understand it! They think that you're either ripping them off or that you're a con artist! Just some food for thought! Hi All, I just signed a straight option for 90 days with a bloke from England. Its a brandnew condo building next to Disneyland. Its going for 485k. The way I'm doing it is if, and thats a big if, I can find a buyer, he will pay me 2500 (a months rent). I will assign the option back to him for 2500 and I'm done. I sent out a bunch of emails and am getting a lot of responses. I really dont like doing condos but this one was so easy. He's an invester himself and knew right away what I was talking about. We faxed the contract back and forth. It took a total of 3 hours. Like MC says, Its a no brainer deal. Bill
  3. Hi All, I recieved an email from this man in Miami telling me he wants to L/O his 3/2 home. It is out of my area so I thought I would post his email here in case anyone would want to pursue it. Saw your ad. Please call. I have a 3/2 in Miami that is about 90% upgraded. My intent is to lease with option to buy, but if you can assist I would be interested in your terms. Harold Dillard 863-868-5075 (home) 863-398-2712 (cell) Bill
  4. Hi Steve, Sounds like a good setup you have. I have just setup a private phone voicemail that I am going to use. I will build up a buyers list, only for rent to own's. I will advertise telling them to let me know what kind of house they are looking for and where. They can leave it on the voicemail and I will have a list (I hope). I figure it doesn't hurt to try! Bill
  5. Good thinking Jonathan. I'm going to check into that tomorrow. Bill
  6. Hi All, Your consulting idea sounds good to me. I've been thinking about it for awhile now. If I decide to go ahead and try, what do you think this would sound like: Need To Sell Your Home? I will show you how to Lease/Purchase your home and receive your Full Asking Price (In your pocket)!! You will put more dollars in your pocket and not a realtors I will consult with you, one on one and explain the process step by step, so you will be able to sell your home. You will receive the following........ 1. Documents you need that are state approved 2. I'll show you how to calculate your numbers 3. Refer a Mortgage Broker that will pre-qualify your buyer 4. How to find comparable prices of your type of home 5. Where to look to find the value of your home 6. Show you how to advertise for a buyer at no cost to you Bill
  7. Thank You Michael, The frosting on the cake is good! Bill
  8. Hi Mike, Happy Birthday!! Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you have a birthday last year? Bill
  9. Wow, now that's a nice spread...be sure to let us know how the deal unfolds, sounds exciting! Thanks Mike and Jonathan, I appreciate the feedback. She will go with a pure option. I will let you know how it all works out. Bill
  10. Hi All, I need some ideas on what to do with an offer I recieved from some people that have a home in Melbourne, Fl. They moved to Georgia and dont want to keep paying two mortgages. The home is appraised at 535k as of last Jan. I can get an option to buy at 390k. Should I just get a pure option on it and offer it up to another investor for an assignment fee? Comparable sales are in the ballpark in the area. Bill
  11. Hi Eddie, I'm sorry but she already got rid of it. Dont know what kind of deal she made but its gone down the road. Bill
  12. Real sorry to hear about your aunt, Brian. Im praying for her to get through it all. Bill
  13. I dont know how long but it looks like a good site. I've been going nuts trying to get a rent average from RentClicks.com. It helps a lot but I'm hoping this site will get around to doing Florida soon. Bill
  14. Hi All, Was messing around and stumbled on a site that gives you the rents being charged in different areas in different cities. With my luck though, they dont have Florida yet. Here are the cities that they cover: Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle. www.rentslicer.com Bill
  15. I've been getting response from "Try Before You Buy"
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