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  1. The Admin's reply to this question is an excellent one. Let me also add that since all I do are FRBO (CA), I can tell you that most FRBO I deal with are investors that buy and hold properties and that's all they do. So when I spot these prospects, I don't approach them by asking them... " Are u interested in selling your house through a lease option?", if I did, they would get ugly with me and tell me to take a hike What I do is have them sell themselves into the idea of "Rent To Own" instead. How? I ask them something like... " Are u interested in free quality long term tenants and early rent payments? " 10 out of 10 say "yes".. Who wouldn't? And that's all I need, the green light. Then they always ask me.. "What's the catch? " My reply... " You have what I want and I got what you need " At this point I have 100% of their attention and interest at which time I start my education with them about the program. Good luck. BEV!
  2. Admin, how are you?I believe that the biggest obstacle here is "Uneducated" sellers as you can see above from what you wrote. Once a seller is educated correctly, most of the time they become motivated. Full price of a house is NOT what the house is worth, but what the seller gets after paying everything (net) which in this example is $238K. And if Michael is offering a net of $241K through a CA, then based on this example, he is offering OVER full price for this house and the seller needs to know this. BEV!
  3. Because they were messing with you, haha OR........ they don't know beans about cars either.Not all guys know about the car they drive or any car for that matter.. I've even asked my neighbor about the odometer and he was puzzled too and said he never thought about how to read an odometer and gave me 200 different answers haha! And by the way, I found out my odometer is "Digital" errrr ( I must of looked at the wrong car last time ) BEV!
  4. Ahhhh!! I was confused because at the other forum (automobile forum), some of the guys were telling me that the last 2 digits of the odometer were for counting the blocks, and that every 12 blocks counted as a mile, therefore, making the 4th digit on the odometer change one number..errr..very confusing for me to understand.. I did not want to give the wrong info to my insurance but now I know how to read it and all I need to do is divide the total mileage by the number of years I've owned the car to come up with the yearly mileage amount... wheww! Thanks Admin BEV!
  5. Is for my car insurance. They want to know how many miles I drive per year.. since I'm only paying $106 every 6 months on insurance on that car that I hardly use, I need to report how many miles I've driven this year so far and they want an answer by tomorrow.. yikes! But I don't know how to read the odometer HELP!!! Bev!
  6. I checked and is not digital.. what's the verdict? Thanks much, BEV!
  7. Hi guys (and gals) Can one of you please help me with this dilemma. One of my cars has an odometer reading of 100,333 (6 digits), but my dilemma is that I don't know how to read it. Does this mean my car now has 100K miles and 333 blocks in it? Or does it mean it has 100K miles plus 33 more miles and 3 blocks? I almost never use this car.. only once per month or so. OMG, this is horrible... Can someone please tell me how to read odometer? In other words, what does EACH DIGIT on my odometer stands for? Thanks, BEV!
  8. Good for you, pilot.. I'm very proud of you! Nice picture of the building, and to think that my very first job was at the Embassy Suits (accounting dept.) when I was still going to school. They are Beautiful buildings.. Let me know when you guys give a class on a Cruise Ship BEV! OMG! I may be moving to beautiful San Diego this year.. I have mixed feelings
  9. Thanks. These type of deals are one of my favorites. They are investors which means they have multiple properties. Awesome! Do you include your FaceBook group link on your postcards so that they can join your group and find out live information about what you offer via feed? (or do u include only your website in the postcards?)Good for ya! BEV!
  10. I agree with you, Stevie.I haven't been in business since last Dec 20th 2010 due to critical family member crisis so I put the biz on hold. But now that things are better with him since last week, I am now back in biz stronger and wiser. I have set up a brand new page strictly for FRBO only to turn them into a CA. I then came up with a bullet proof email to test and see how many people would click on the link page on my emails. I sent out 15 emails to CL For rent ads 3 days ago. From those 15 emails, all of them clicked on the link and viewed my new page. From those 15 clicks, two I already have under contract and two are pending.. I spent not a dime on marketing. I've learned that people don't buy services or products.. People buy stories (testimonials), so instead of me telling them on my page the benefits of the CA, I tell them how I helped a landlord few months ago with his rental headaches. I'm still testing this new email and page combo and will report it in the future.. just saying BEV! P.S. Stevie, are you still doing email marketing?
  11. I refuse to accept this.You will find the right someone if you really set your mind to it I would start off by looking for "rookies mortgage loan agents" (someone just starting out) and explain to them what you're looking for and also tell them that when the option gets exercised, they can help out with the loan which will make them even more money. (t/b will thank u for this) This could turn into a long relationship. Get at least 2 other backups just in case one of them flakes out. You can leave them your bank's deposit slip with your bank account already in it so that when it comes time to get your option money, all they do is go to your bank and make the deposit and let them keep their share and life goes on.... If none of that works for you (errrr), then the last resource is the Admin's advice, the man who still uses something called VCR BEV!
  12. I've been gone for a little while on personal matters but I'm back. Anyway, my little neighbor next door is on American Idol and I was just asking for you'll support Even if you don't watch American Idol, how bout showing some luv? She's not my favorite at all but is my neighbor and I support her, I'm curious to see how far she can hang on, so far she's in the top 10 Anyway, her name is Thia Megia Thanks Ppl and is good to be back BEV!
  13. You're in a very good position right now to hire someone before you move to Florida. You can meet them face to face right now and possibly even train them on doing what you'd like them to do once you're gone to FL Or hire a family member that lives there or a friend. Take advantage of the time you have left and train the right person to work for you. BEV!
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