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  1. Yes, We Spent a lot of years together! Let's keep the good times rolling !!!!
  2. I'm going to start sending emails. That sounds like a great way to engage a conversation to the seller. How are you finding email addresses to blast out ? Thanks MC
  3. Hello Investor Friends, I wanted to see what's your plans for Summer 2016 !!! Besides laying on the beach with a cold alcoholic beverage!! What kind of marketing strategies are you using now? Are bandit signs and flyers still working? Anyone still marketing consistently? (This way) Do you have a new marketing plan for Summer 16 ? What are you doing for leads? What's giving you the best Results? Very curious to find out what's new and what our successful investors are doing nowadays!
  4. I AGREE WITH REX THE NEW LOOK IS AWESOME!!! Great Job MC with the design and style!! Looks like I'll be spending lots of time on here like I used to back in the day.
  5. Hey MC, things are going great. How are you doing these days? Yes, Hard Money and Private Money are very different. Wanted to see if we knew any Good Lenders (Preferably Private) here in our Forum. Maybe even a strategy to find private funds. Using Hard Money is expensive but Private like you said MC is the right way to secure funds. I have a Few Multi Family projects I'm working on.. I definitely have the cash to put down. My Focus this year, Buy and Sell Multi Family! I'm going to need access to more Money! Good problem to have! Right? CREAM
  6. I am wondering If we have any Hard Money lenders (Private Money) Resources in our Forum.. Hey It's 2015 time to Step my Game Up! This year I'm pumping large Earnings in Multi Family. Cream
  7. You can Easily make Six Figures annually doing C/A's Thanks to this Forum for teaching me everything I know. If I can do it... Anyone can Do it !!! No Excuses! I dropped out of High School and was considered a failure. This forum is like a University. I can know teach anyone to do this. Thanks to everyone here. My advice.... Read the forum, apply the info, get paid and repeat.
  8. I was able to convince the homeowner to cancel the listing WOOHOO LOL
  9. What do you do when a Realtor is in the way of a great deal. The Strategy is a C/A but the homeowner has a Realtor trying to rent out the unit. The homeowner doesn't want to get rid of the realtor. But the homeowner is very interested in my C/A strategy. What should I do?
  10. Where are you looking for deals nowadays MC What's your best source for talking to Homeowners ?
  11. Well.... That's why I asked the question. My friend would love to work on these deals but has very little time. Maybe we can do a JV agreement so we both have the right to work on the deal. He can pay the 5k as a coaching fee. I will speak to my lawyer about this.. But I must be doing something right when people are ready to pay me to do deals
  12. I have an amazing Question! Let's say I have a few Friends that want to make money with Real Estate But don't want to do the work (because they dont have time) Could I Do the work for them and they pay me a Management fee? Meaning I do all the work for the deals but they just pay me up front. Like a Membership fee.
  13. Looks Like I am back to doing Real Estate Full time again. I made some Good Money a short while back, buying and selling properties. So I Decided to buy and Sell Gold and Silver (physical metals) That was a Great investment. But.. I am Curious to know if people are still Doing C/A's ??? Are you finding Tenant Buyer's in today's Market? What's the typical Option fee nowadays? I'm Excited to get back and Start marketing for properties. I miss coming here.. I have learned so much from this Forum. My Life Changed when my Father introduced me to this great place. May He Rest in Peace. I am Ready to Send out some Direct mail, collect deals, and Get paid. Thinking about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to handle all my phone calls and appointments. This way I can spend a lot of my time on the beach. Haha CREAM
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