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  1. Darvin, In addition to what has already been said, I would stop emailing this guy telling him This is admitting that you feel you are at fault and you're not. Jeff
  2. Adam, The difference in the kitchen floor is amazing. Jeff
  3. Hey Christine, Congratulations!! Good for you. Jeff
  4. It seems alot of the sellers I deal with are Nucking Futs!!! Jeff
  5. Yeah, there were signs going up for me too, but I figured I'd throw it out there to ask. Thanks, Jeff
  6. All opinions on how to approach welcome... Thanks,Jeff
  7. Adam, Your initials wouldn't happen to be T.O. would they? Jeff
  8. The way the sun is shining brightly on the before picture, and it is dusk in the second, makes the colors on the house (brick and paint) look completely different. I'll be sure to examine things more closely next time before making a comment. Jeff
  9. Adam, Thanks for the great post. That last before and after of the front is incredible. Jeff
  10. Deal Three: Adam sold ice cubes to an eskimo..details to follow... That's great Adam. Thanks for kicking it off. I think we should add another page that has explanations because you lost me half-way through both of your deals. Maybe you can add stick-figure illustrations... Jeff
  11. I was referring to the investor Tom referred to in his original thread. That's what I said..." the performance mortgage will have expired at the same time of the option." Jeff
  12. I doubt the seller is going to sign a performance mortgage for a 60 day option. Besides, if the slick investor plans to wait out the option period and then swoop down on the sellers, the performance mortgage will have expired at the same time of the option. Jeff
  13. Wow Christine. That was a surprise. You never mentioned you had a serious TB. Can you fill us in on the details? Good for you. Congrats. Jeff PS I hope you didn't mark up the real check.
  14. I would sign whichever gave me the best chance to close the deal and get paid. Jeff
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