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  1. Daniel, It is expensive to hire a corner beggar to hold a sign???? How much are they making per day just holding their own sign? I've thought about stopping and asking them some questions to see if they would want a reg job of holding MY sign
  2. I don't know why you would even waste the time to go look at a property that is so out of whack with the comps. Sellers ALLLLWAYS think their prop is s p e c i a l. I don't want the hard-to-do deals anymore. And keep in mind I haven't done one recently. When I re-started in crei I was wanting to make annnny deal work. Now i'm like, show me the money!! Everyone is unrealistic, like they're living back in 2003. Sheesh
  3. yeah, mannnny hours later. I was jus lookin for the reader's digest version. But that's ok. I got enough to do without chasing anything else
  4. Daniel you said "also a strange observation, about 80% of my callers are female. Anyone else observed that?" There's no mystery here. That's why men marry---so they can have a secretary (and a homemaker, errand runner etc) but it could just be my jaded side speaking
  5. hmmm sounds like plain ole owner financing. no?
  6. Hey gang, Sometimes we wanna just say whaaaat-ev!! Maybe we just kinda want to be successful. This is a great message---watch it all the way thru; it's worth it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xM_7j6t9IyU
  7. Jason, welcome to this great forum; such good people here. Efete, sounds like a good idea to have those calls!! Erik are we getting close?
  8. Yes, it's one learning curve after the other I've managed to get a couple props under contract but both were toooo motivated and couldn't even wait a month to get a t/b. It's all good. I learned some really great stuff going thru the steps. This is a truly fun game and I love it. I look forward to the time when I can make money playing it. I've not been able to do much marketing recently because my other business has skyrocketed---and it pays the bills. It's always too early to give up
  9. Yeah what Steve and Michael said. This biz is so great at helping us grow thick skin I laugh at how I've changed over the months. Every one else is just looking out for themselves so I no longer feel like I have to be Mother Teresa to these people---sellers or t/bs (course I've heard that even she speaks softly and carries a big stick lol)
  10. Can anyone explain the difference between a l/o and a cfd to me? One guy, a homeowner said in different states it works better to have a cfd. What could I say cuz I don't know the diff.
  11. Geez Steve, did they GIVE you the house? Really what were the numbers on the whole deal? Inspired minds want to know
  12. Michael and Steve, I am surprised by your replies because I thought we were mostly going after mainstream, cookie cutter type props. This thread has caused me to think
  13. silly boy I am grateful to have found you Michael and that you have this space for all of us. thank you very much
  14. thank you my friend. i needed that
  15. Hi Alex, Welcome to the Naked Investor!! Michael's book answers this really clearly and sooooooo much more This is not a paid advertisement
  16. Ssss wwwww eeeeeee T !! I am inspired. I never thought I would be this long in getting a deal done
  17. btw Steve, how did you find the people that referred these peeps to you?
  18. DeeLight

    Tester Ads

    It's probably illegal in most places. But I am wondering who would be coming after us and how would they know it's not a real listing? I think it's a great way to find people we can help
  19. DeeLight

    Post Cards

    Mike, I am old fashioned and hand write them. BUT I am only doing about 20 per week---it's a budget thing
  20. Hey Mike, good job being in action! I've had similar results as you mention here. Absentee owners can be bought from a list company. If I had the $$ right now I would be targeting them and the mls. The mls, expireds are best gotten from some agent that you manage to make friends with. There are some threads here about making the deal sound good for them. Stay consistent and stay in action
  21. Steve, are you only marketing to your immediate area? I have received not ONE response from my area; but everyone wants to live by the beach; Santa Barbara, Ventura etc. That's why I went to the OOA marketing. I'm not saying there are NO deals here. But they seem to be much harder to find. There are only so many hours in the day Thanks for letting me know Zillow works too
  22. Raquel, Good strategy; thanks for sharing it Hope you land that deal!!
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