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  1. Michael, I'm in MI. and I have sent again the landlord tenant laws to the sellers in Utah. Something is terribly wrong here, I think I lost some papers. I will expand my search. Steve I agree and there may not be a problem, I'm watching the place, they may have left. Thanks, Herbster
  2. Last August I did a CA. T/B is 2 weeks past getting a mortgage. Won't pay anymore. I triple check everything I do but for some reason there is no signed lease signed by T/B. Everything else has been signed. Seller wants to evict, says they need the signed copy. Whats a Herbster to do? I figured there are enough signed papers that would indicate there must have been a lease.
  3. I agree with Equity Notes as I have read and listed to Eddie also. It seems as though investors wanting to seller finance properties either have to be licensed to do so or work with a mortgage broker. Thats a big blow to that exit strategy. Another issue I have is that my 2 M brokers I work with don't know anything about it. Herbster
  4. I sure do like the humor over here. Herbster
  5. Lately I've had a rash of sellers that want my services but they refuse to sign anything. Of course I explain why I need their signature, this even applies to a non-exclusive agreement. Thanks, Herb
  6. In my opinion they are different but I personally consider them the same for one simple reason, how can you force someone to purchase? You can't, you could sew I guess but still have an unsold property. Just think about it, in todays economy someone might lose their job and not be able to purchase. Herbster
  7. DrRE

    Do I Dare???

    Two weeks and two replys but no business. Honestly I haven't tried very hard. Show my new Lake property(LO) tomorrow and picked up a great country ranch on a straight option. Seems as though I get more out of staters and 6 month replys. Herbster
  8. Hi, Does anyone have a quick link to these? I need to read them again and its been difficult for me find. Thanks, Herbster
  9. DrRE

    Do I Dare???

    Randian, My local market is probably smaller than yours. There is usually a 1 - 1&1/2 page list every day. I renew my posts in the mid to late afternoon so its upfront. If I deside to see it every day I use 2 accounts(emails). I'm tempted to post twice a day with a different heading "Can't Sell yur Home, No commissions"
  10. DrRE

    Do I Dare???

    I put it right where people look, in homes for sale. I figure everyone else is posting things there that don't belong so why can't I. Did it this afternoon, if it works I'll share how well. Herbster
  11. DrRE

    Do I Dare???

    Thanks Jason, Actually I ve had good luck with the backwards email thing and yes it was from WP, I took it off her facebook post.
  12. DrRE

    Do I Dare???

    Since craigslist ads in my area are getting away with murder, I thought it was my turn. Here's my post: Heading: Can't sell your home, may want to Rent? Post body: We could be a perfect match. I'm looking for Lease Option or Rent to Own homes and buyers for. No Realtor commissions, we are not Realtors. Contact Herb @xxx-xxx-xxxx Please just a few questions: - Where is your home located? - How much are you asking for your home? - How much would you rent it for? - How many bedrooms and bathrooms does it have? Email reply to moc.liamg@XXXXXXX email is backwards to prevent spammers. Thank You, Herb xxx-xxx-xxxx OK blow it apart, I borrowed something similar from a LO lady guru.
  13. In my area all the major Lenders require 1-2 years seasoning before the rent would be considered. The only exception was my local credit union which required none. This information I got from 2 Mortgage Brokers, visiting Banks and such. It put a big hurt in my business. Herbster
  14. Well the deal went through Michael but I got had slightly. Made 3k which should have been 5K. Since, I've alleviated this from ever happening again. I now have a form (that I will make sellers sign) stating my required profit and that its at my sole disgression if I choose to take less. No signature, No worky for you. I was an oreo between 2 Realtors on this one. The outcome was sufficiant, hell I had it sold in 1 week. herbster
  15. YOU GUYS he he he. I haven't had much luck with FRBO's myself but when I do look for them I weed out the management co's and realtors by using SearchTempest, the old craigslisthelper. Herbster
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