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  1. I think it might be kinda hard for a site like this to get traction, since it would require a leap of faith on the part of sellers, and in large enough numbers to make the site useful to buyers.
  2. I would say you need to start by having a very specific goal and then taking concrete steps.
  3. Welcome Craig. I've always wanted to visit New York. You're lucky to live there!
  4. I use an MBE box. W/ an MBE box you get a real street address and not a POB number.
  5. Thanks for the cheery news. I think maybe they need to bring back the tax credit.
  6. Make sure that the permissions are set properly on your htaccess file. Also, make sure your authentication file is not accessible to the public. My hosting company here in Indianapolis, Indiana is pretty uptight about the security settings on their Apache servers, almost to the point of being ridiculous. But better safe than sorry.
  7. I think you also have to look closely at home values in the specific area. If home prices are heading south then your lessee may not be able to get financing even if he or she exercises the option.
  8. Something weird that started happening to me was Google Voice started intercepting non-Google voice calls. So instead of receiving a call on my cell, for example, the call would go straight to Google Voice. The voicemail message would get converted into text, so I'd never have the benefit of hearing the original voice message.
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