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  1. I got news for ya, Right and the Left and the whole political establishment is full of crap in my opinion. Only one motivating factor and thats money. Ethics has long been gone.
  2. Filthyphil.. Its all the the difference in how we make our food. I had people tell me they have never seen a obese person until they came to this country. Teasing her I said "maybe because people are starving in yours". Truth is though, its all the chemicals that we put in our food. Sux:\ BTW I do have to visit Europe, heard chicks love us NY guys over there and that everyone else just hates Americans. Ill just hide behind my army of hot chicks. Jacin T
  3. THe more laws we create the less freedom we have.
  4. Merry Christmas MC, and btw MC your more then welcome to send me cash. I am humble enough to receive it and realize that it is the thought that counts. So just remember to think BIG!
  5. jtlab

    What to say?

    MC, for the record, that is exactly how I answered the question. I told him we been in business for about 4 months under the guidance of our associates (enter MC;p) who has been specializing in rent to owns for over 15 years. Hows that?
  6. I am also a category A and my goal is 100k for my first year. I signed up my friend a 3 weeks ago, and now hes doing a straight tenant rental because frankly, that 2500 mortgage is killing him. His mortgage is way above the rental market rate for that area. So I tried to help but in the end , since I am looking out for his interest, I was more then happy to have him get a few tenants into the property( His original plan). Besides, it was a handyman. On the plus side I build a nice database of t/bs who are willing to pay a good option consideration and will rent a descent looking house in the 2800 range. Moving on, a prospective homeowner finally got back to me about cancelling his RE contract and told me that they require a full commission pay off. Is that extreme or what? So I decided, using MC's advice, to put him on the back burner and move on. The homeowner is currently sending me a copy of the contract via snail mail. I have 2 houses on the back burner as well, who if the buyers fall through, they will sign up with me. Does anyone know how long it typically takes for a buyer to find out their not qualified for financing. Another words how long is a property tied up typically before a buyer falls though?(If he falls through) For now I seem to be generating a lot of calls through my signs, and I only had 11 of them up, then down to 7 and I got 3 calls in one day from just those 7. Now it seems they took most of my signs down. I have to get all my signs back up and put up some more as they seem to be working quite well. That's it for now.. until the last day of January. Jacin L
  7. jtlab

    What to say?

    Jacin, You need to be educated when you talk to sellers, but you also need to be sincere. I didn't advertise that I was new, but I didn't lie about it either. You need to remember this business is about leverage. If you can offer a good and valuable solution you will have your leverage. I have written about my first Cooperative Assignment and how I didn't know what I was doing. The seller knew it and the buyer knew it. But you know what? I still managed to get $3K for doing the deal. How you ask? Because I knew enough to get a contract signed. The seller knew they had nothing to lose and the buyer knew they had a good deal. So now if someone asks you how long have you been in the business I would ask them why they're asking. This will help you understand what you're doing (or not doing) to create such an inquiry. But again there's nothing wrong with them asking. Some sellers will ask just to ask. This will help you to learn your pitch and what to say. And to answer such a question simply point to the leverage that you have created. If they don't like what you're doing, then time to move on. But if they believe you can do what you say you can do, then you'll probably get the deal. Hope that helps, Adam Thanks adam and darwin for replying. In this instance I think it was the seller asking the question just to ask. He was happy with everything I pitched to him over the phone, in fact he even told me he wish he saw my signs before he signed up with a Realtor. He went to talk to his lawyer about breaking the contracts with his Realtor so he can sign with me. I emailed him his market analysis and the lease purchase advantage flyer and he responded w/ the typical questions. I tried to get in touch with him on the phone to answer those questions but 2 days passed and he did not return the phone call. So I emailed him the answers and he responded that he liked what he heard and is still waiting for his lawyer to get back to him. He also said he wanted to ask his lawyer for his opinion on RTO(deal killer?). Then finally he asked about my experience. I think he was asking it because of how new RTO was to him. He was still skeptical . In NY people are not as trusting. In fact nobody trust anyone. It is a different atmosphere over here.
  8. jtlab

    What to say?

    I have only been doing this for 1 month but I have never been asked that... You must come off them like you don't know what you are doing. No Pun intended. - Darvinm Darvin, there were times when I did come off exactly like that. Specifically on my second day of cold calling, one lady indeed asked me how long I been in business. Today, however , I feel more confident then ever in my abilities, so I do not feel that is the problem. I have experience with both t/b and homeowners, so I know it can be done. And that is exactly how I pitch it to them over the phone, with 0 hesitation. In this one instance, I already provided the homeowner via email(I tried phone but hes never around to answer) his market analysis. He loved the way it sounded but naturally had questions. One of those questions was "how long I been in business?" I think it is a legit question, and I would not be surprised if it is a common question. But my question is, in the event it comes up again, what is the best way to answer it if you only have a couple of months under your belt.
  9. Because I only have a few months expierience in this business, how do you answer people who ask about the length of time you been in business. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Jacin L.
  10. If I understand you correctly, your asking how to hide the purchase of a house from the divorce record? Is this a current t/b comming up to the end of their lease? If so the only solution I could think of is extending the lease/option with no additional rent credit or very little rent credit. I don't know if that is possible, experts?;p
  11. Shouldn't be a big deal. Just be careful. Sometimes getting yourself out of debt will put you into debt if you're not careful. BUT IS SURE IS FUN DOING IT!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! Stick it out, you'll get there. Adam Adam, I propose that we start a new thread, in which we have to post our progress every month to see how everyone is doing in regards to their goal. Community pressure can be a beautiful thing when it comes to making progress. Weather you make progress or not, everyone has a responsibility to report on what they did or did not do towards their financial goal, and this must be done on a certain day every month. Everyone can learn a tremendous amount of info from others and learn a lot about themselves by doing this I think. So who is ready to put their option money where their mouth is? Or is everyone scared? Jacin L.
  12. Why don't you try calling FSBOS, FRBOS, as well as advertising? whats FSBOS & FRBOS mean? sorry i'm a noob For sale by owners and For rent by owners.
  13. jtlab

    Option Time

    Double Closing sounds Ideal for protecting your option imho. Let me know what the lawyer comes up with.
  14. Doug I just had a similar experience. A just finished giving someone the terms of the agreement over the phone. He was like I wish I saw your signs before I signed up with this Realtor! He is breaking his contract today or tomorrow with the Realtor to sign with me on Wednesday. Ya MC were back in business;p
  15. My goal is to get a 6 figure income by the end of 2006. Im ready! Lets do this adam! Btw adam if you do get 7 figures, your always welcome to donate to Jtl's flatscreen television in every room fund. Just a thought. Jacin L.
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